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Not only is the month of October known for the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but it’s also known as the month that many colleges around the nation hold their annual homecoming celebrations.

In addition to homecoming performances, Week 6 provided us with some notable head-to-head halftime performances there were competitive, and in one particular case, petty.

By the way, petty, in this case, is meant to be a compliment.

Here are the top five halftime shows from Week 6.

5. Norfolk State (vs. North Carolina A&T)
Performed at William “Dick” Price Stadium, Norfolk, Virginia

4. North Carolina A&T (vs. Norfolk State)
Performed at William “Dick” Price Stadium, Norfolk, Virginia

3. Grambling State (vs. Jackson State)
Performed at Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium, Jackson, Mississippi

2. Florida A&M (vs. North Carolina Central)
Performed at Bragg Memorial Stadium, Tallahassee, Florida

1. Jackson State (vs. Grambling State)
Performed at Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium, Jackson, Mississippi


  1. Jackson State need to be originators and stop taking everybody’s stuff. That band is classless always got to take it so far that you come off ignorant as opposed to entertaining. Stop stealing other bands stuff and do your own thing. You have a good sound now work on your presentation and stop being so hood. JSU is a place of higher learning but with those trick y’all pull, I can’t tell.

  2. I believe you mean other bands taking the BOOM stuff. Right? Classless! Wow, I haven’t heard that one before. I guess that’s why folks show up to see the classless BOOM! You gotta admit the BOOM is the most entertaining band in the land and if all those folks show up to see a classless band, I guess that makes them classless as well, including me. Picture this, if you will, two teams/bands run the same play or performance and one executes it better than the other, which would you rather see? The one that did a lousy job or the one that performed/executed better? What was that? Oh, I didn’t hear you! Make no mistake about the BOOM are originators and have been for as long as I can remember, which is why they year end and year out are ranked as one the top five HBCU bands in the country, and you don’t get there by being copy cats. It would seem to me that other bands would want to copy cat the BOOM! Would you agree? Food for thought!

  3. So busy trying to be like Southern all songs are starting to sound the same. Nothing original that I’ve seen or heard. Classless stuff like spoofing, who does that? If you’re so original just do what you do and leave it on the field. Perform, no circus acts necessary.


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