The Jackson State-Grambling State rivalry has evolved from between the white lines to within the friendly confines of 240 characters on the web.

It all started “innocently” enough moments after the JSU men’s basketball team knocked off Grambling State 65-63 Saturday night in Grambling.

The victory was a doubleheader sweep for Jackson State basketball, as earlier its women’s team scored a 77-74 win over the Tigers.

That prompted the JSU athletics twitter account to release this gem following the successful night on the floor.

The Grambling account, seemingly forgetting that this was clear basketball smack, shot put from the bowels its laptop football rings into the atmosphere as a deflection.

The good ol’ fashioned dozens was on and poppin’ from that point.

Then came the memes featuring Walter Payton, Doug Williams and … The Rock, all in an effort to showcase HBCU football superiority when the whole conversation began over hoops.

The entire exchange — in all of its misplaced, but entertaining petty glory — can be viewed here.


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