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It appears there is a segment of the college football population that would like to see an HBCU-Ivy League football game according to a fan poll conducted by HBCU Sports last week.

The poll, conducted for three days from Aug. 15 through Aug. 17 asked: Would you like to see an Ivy League-HBCU postseason bowl game?

The graphic below shows how they voted:

With exactly 300 votes tabulated, 68.67 percent of the voters (206 votes) voted “Yes” to having a postseason bowl game featuring a team from one of the two HBCU conferences against an Ivy League opponent. The “No” votes accounted for 28.67 percent of the vote (86 votes), followed by only 2.66 percent of the voters (8 votes) indicating, “I’m not sure.”

As of now, there are no active pursuits on record that indicate such a game is even in the planning stages. However, Princeton head football coach Bob Surace made headlines with a comment to SB Nation when he suggested the leagues should get together to play a bowl game.


  1. One notable mistake I see. I don’t know if it was the Princeton head football coach or the article. HBCU is not a league nor is it a conference. We have conference[s].


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