Grambling State University landed a great Christmas present in baseball recruit, Jordan Monrroy, a right-handed-pitcher, from Grand Prairie, Texas who committed to GSU Sunday on Christmas day.

Monrroy said he first realized that he wanted to be a college athlete when he and his father started talking about playing the sport on the next level.

“My father was the man who inspired me to play baseball and changed my life forever,” Monrroy said. “Without him I don’t know what I would be doing with my life. He’s always told me that he’s wanted to do better than what he’s done and I want to be able to make him proud.”

The pitcher says that both of his parents have been extremely supportive in his baseball journey thus far and he looks to them for mental support when he is preparing for an upcoming game.

“To prepare for a game, I usually call my parents and my father gives me a pregame speech,” he said.

Something that might allow one to get a feel for Monrroy’s personality is after the pregame speech from his parents, he cranks up a little Taylor Swift that he says gets him locked in and focused on the game.

In fact, Monrroy says what makes him stand out is his personality. He said he’s always been a team player and has gotten along with a lot of people.

“My whole family is like that so I think it runs down in the family tree,” he said.

Grambling State was Monrroy’s first choice and he says his commitment to university was due to the fact that he would get the opportunity to play Division I baseball.

“Playing at GSU will get me ready to play professionally after college, because while I’m here I will be facing the best talent in HBCU baseball,” he said.

During his first year playing for the Tigers he mentioned that he would like to just go in and earn his spot on the team as a starter.

He got a chance to meet GSU baseball coaches, James Cooper and Davin Pierre on Dec. 9 and they had the player sold on what they plan to do during his tenure at the university.

Monrroy had the opportunity of being coached by South Grand Prairie High School’s Art Senato, who was hired Monrroy’s senior year. Senato immediately changed the baseball program and had an immediate impact on Monrroy.

“When Coach Senato came I started seeing myself getting better and I saw me having a better chance at getting recruited,” he said. “He’s always told me that school comes first because baseball won’t be there forever, so I’ll definitely take that advice to college with me.”

Monrroy says all he would like from GSU is that same encouragement to get the full support of everyone in the program. He plans on making an impact by doing whatever the coaches ask of him.

“Even if it’s picking up balls during practice or even starting the championship game, I’m ready and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the baseball team at GSU excels,” he said.

Monrroy says that he’s heard that once you go to college your whole life changes quick due to the fact that you’re away from your parents for the first time, but he says he’s anxious for that and he’s been preparing to give his all to his academics and to collegiate baseball.


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