Arkansas-Pine Bluff head coach Monte Coleman said his freshman kicker will face punishment for a series of tweets critical of a national anthem protest.

Sam Beavers recently took to social media to criticize CIAA referees who were pictured kneeling during Saturday’s Virginia Union vs. Virginia State game.

“I’m a bit tired of this,” Beavers wrote via Twitter. “If you don’t like it, leave #Murcia #USA utterly classless.”

In response to Beavers comments, Coleman said the kicker’s statements do not reflect the views of the university or the football team.

“He does not speak on behalf of the university and he does not speak on behalf of the football team,” Coleman said Monday.

The veteran coach also characterized the comments as “absolutely a distraction” and said Beavers will be reprimanded.

“We don’t have time to bring personal politics into play,” he said.


  1. “We don’t have time to bring personal politics into play”. Coleman – you’re a coward and a disgrace! What do you call kneeling in total disrespect of the National Anthem and by inference disrespect of our country? You are a racist. Why is your kicker not allowed his freedom of speech, yet your communist friends are allowed theirs?

    Where is your outrage at those who disrespect the USA, our flag and National Anthem? They are emblems of freedom and justice for all. You might not like what’s happening, but disrespecting the symbols of justice doesn’t help promote any valid complaints – it only promotes your racist, anti-American agenda.


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