The Prairie View A&M Marching Storm, twice voted band of the week during the football season, was voted HBCU Sports Band of the Year on Wednesday.

In a fan poll that spanned nine days and consisted of three rounds of voting, the Marching Storm amassed over 500,000 votes.

Of the 73,266 first round votes tabulated, the Marching Storm garnered 28.26 percent of the vote, earning the No.1 seed for the final four round.

The Marching Storm faced off and topped No. 4 Alcorn State in a final four round that resulted in the PV getting 56.7 percent of the 57,626 total votes generated. Southern University’s Human Jukebox, the No. 2 seed, won the other final four voting round over No. 3 Grambling to advance to the final round.

Final round voting amassed a staggering 457,489 total votes with Prairie View accounting for (244,481 votes) 53.44 percent of the vote over Southern.

Highlights from the year that was the Marching Storm:

The band, under the direction of Dr. Timmey Zachery, is scheduled to compete in the Honda Battle of the Bands on Jan. 30 at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.


  1. A great program under top notch direction. The Storm consists of disciplined, dedicated members who EXCEL academically year-round. This accolade is long overdue and well deserved for Prairie View

  2. Thank you for the friendly competition that you generate through these polls. It’s so good to see people supporting all HBCU bands – even if they have a one true love. #MarchingStorm2015 #PVNation #ClassOf1993

  3. As a former member of the Jukebox I take exception to this but it is what it is… would take a former member of the Jukebox to come and bring Prairie View up to Southern’s level…..

  4. Congratulations to PV, but this poll was so rigged it’s shameful!! Hbcu sports really?!?but its expected since.. well… you know!! One min there is a difference of only a few votes, next min there is a difference of 20,000 votes! Cmon nah! But it’s all good! Congrats again PV! ???

  5. I tried to vote and couldn’t several times! They need to re-open the voting! There’s no way PV should’ve won! They aren’t better than the Jukes in no way shape or form!

  6. I wonder if people would have said how “rigged” these polls would have been if SU had won…sheesh. I mean it’s not like ALL the bands in the polls didn’t have the same opportunity and time to vote.

    Let’s face it. PV Storm Supporters came out and showed some love. That’s why they won. Not only that, but they deserved to win. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have won.

    Congrats to the Marching Storm for ONCE AGAIN winning this poll!!!!

    The SWAC is where the STORM REIGNS!!!!

    • Are YOU serious!? LOL

      “I mean it’s not like ALL the bands in the polls didn’t have the SAME opportunity and time to vote…”

      Just face it…your band lost…my band won. The SWAC is where the STORM REIGNS!!! Now and forever!!!

  7. In your dreams. Some people are intelligent enough to know that its not right if the same people are sitting there voting over and over. No one should have been able to do it and what did your band really win? Your band as you call it is not rated by any national organizations. You all want to be where Southern is. That is all.

  8. This is only a result of more pv folks voting than SU folks, that’s it……….as for pv being a better band ; we all know the truth. That mess they took to Honda, com on Chris (1/21) these folks ain’t on Southern’s level. I’ve enjoyed this poll.


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