The city of Charlotte, N.C. hosted the annual Queen City Battle of the Bands on Saturday featuring eight HBCU marching bands from around the region.

The 2015 event featured bands from Alabama A&M, Bethune-Cookman, North Carolina A&T, Miles College, Elizabeth City State, North Carolina Central, Shaw University and Talladega College.

There was no official winner announced at the event, but we are certain those in attendance left with their own conclusions as to which band was best.

In case you missed it, we’ve found video clips of each band’s performance.

Shaw University

Elizabeth City State

North Carolina Central

Miles College

Alabama A&M

North Carolina A&T

Talladega College


Time to choose.  The poll will close at midnight Sept. 2.


  1. I THINK THAT IT IS EXTREMELY UNFAIR THAT SOME PEOPLE ARE ABLE TO VOTE MULTIPLE TIMES, AND I AM NOT!!! I have proof (screen shots) that a competitor is able to vote for AA&M multiple times but I can only vote for Miles once. Then I get a message saying Thank you we have already counted your vote. But someone else is getting a Thank You message every time they vote!!!! Someone needs to contact me ASAP about this issue!! If it’s going to be voted on by fans, make sure the voting process is fair please!!! No, I am not a Miles Alumni!!! Thanks!!!

  2. Miles has crescendos, trills, and true control of volume, they were wble to play as if they were sitting down.
    Stand (the last song) was amazingly powerful and therapeutic for the soul, a nice change from everyone else’s performances.

  3. North Carolina A&T deserves the title but it’s cool, a lot of people are mad cause they didn’t battle in the stands but if you all must know A&T performed prior to coming to the Queen City Battle but I’m not mad or anything just letting everyone know for those thanks.

  4. Miles College..10s across board. The tuba players’ face as they walked through…… “yeah…we did that. All the bands were excellent but The Purple Marching Machine stood out.

  5. I am a 2009 graduate of Tuskegee University, and anyone who attends or attended a southern HBCU knows about the Miles/Tuskegee Rivalry. But I must give credit where credit is due, Miles did that Hands Down!!!! GOOD JOB!!! and this is coming from an Alumni of one of you all’s biggest rivalry. I think Miles should win this. I Mean their tone was amazing, you could fully distinguish all moving parts, and they didn’t get so caught up in competition that they we’re too good to give honor to God. WAY TO GO MILES!!!! Again, I’m only giving credit where credit is due.

  6. well if bc is the blueprint i do NOT ever want to see the designer. They aere not a show stopping band to me they only do one screwed up dance routine then fall on the field, please never come down south with that you will positively get BOOed

  7. aamu did okay in comparison to the competition but didn’t hold down the SWAC well. The top bands in our conference would easily win this on the field. And stop that pv exit running off the field just too high schoolish


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