A total of 64 candidates applied for the vacant head football coach position at Alabama A&M before the school named James Spady its new head coach in late December, according to a list provided to TSPN Sports through an open records request fulfilled by the university.

The position became vacant when AAMU athletic director Byran Hicks announced back on Dec. 1 that Anthony Jones had been fired as head coach after serving 12 seasons.

Some notable names on the list include Rick Comegy, Johnnie Cole, Henry Frazier III and Willie Totten.

Comegy, named the new head coach at Mississippi Valley State on Jan. 21, was the head coach at Jackson State for 8 seasons before he was fired by the school on Dec. 18.

Cole had head coaching stints at Tennessee State and Texas Southern, but a number of scraps at both schools with the NCAA led to both schools eventually being placed on probation for numerous infractions.

Frazier spent time as head coach at Bowie State and Prairie View before accepting the head coaching job at North Carolina Central.  He was relieved of his duties as head coach at NCCU just before the start of the 2013 season following a domestic dispute charge (he was eventually cleared).  He was also a finalist for the head coaching position at Grambling.

Totten served as the quarterback coach at Albany State last season.  But in a unique turn of events, Totten was named the new QB coach at Alabama A&M under Coach Spady.

Below is the complete list of applicants.

  1. Joe L. Hagins
  2. Damian D. Mincey
  3. Linwood Ferguson
  4. Timothy L. Bowens
  5. Rick C. Comegy
  6. Darien L. Bell
  7. Tremaine E. Jackson
  8. Michael N. Ballen
  9. Luther R. Palmer
  10. Marcus D. White
  11. Kwame D. Dixon
  12. Charles Coe
  13. James M. Spady
  14. Carla W. McKenzie
  15. Jackie J. Mitchell
  16. Steven Carl Bradley
  17. Darrin Hayes
  18. Antonio D. Wallace
  19. Maurice T. Drayton
  20. Andrew Jordan, Jr.
  21. Darrell Perkins
  22. Alphonso L. Pogue
  23. Reginald S. Ruffin
  24. Michael T. Bryant II
  25. Jerry Mack
  26. Frederick Farrier
  27. Lawrence D. Cole
  28. Johnnie N. Cole
  29. Willie L. Snead, III
  30. Michael R. Armour
  31. John Morgan
  32. Christopher L. Garner
  33. Cedric L. Thornton
  34. Howard Feggins
  35. Robert Mickey Joseph
  36. Donald Hill-Eley
  37. Rashad Watson
  38. Clande A. Steward, Jr.
  39. Charles E. Gamble, Jr.
  40. Willie R. Simmons
  41. Charles Cole III
  42. Willie H. Totten
  43. Kip Shaw
  44. Micheal L. Morand
  45. Rodney Grobes
  46. Ron Dickerson, Jr.
  47. Kevin Magouirk
  48. Anthony Hill
  49. Henry C. Frazier III
  50. Corey L. Collier
  51. Dale Carlson
  52. Ester J. Junior, III
  53. Sheldon Ward
  54. Richard C. Wilson
  55. Karl Featherstone
  56. Jeremy R. Richardson
  57. Corey Barlow
  58. John M. Hendrick
  59. Travis Williams
  60. Cedric E. Pearl
  61. Stanley J. Conner
  62. Bradley Sherrod
  63. Melvin Spears
  64. Jerry Steven


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