The Dr. Cavil’s HBCU Major Division Men’s Basketball Top 10, with number of first-place votes,
c = Conference record, O = Overall record in parentheses, total points, previous ranking, and next opponent:

Name—————————C-/-O-Records–1PV-Points-PWR–Last Game-Next Game-(01-28-13–02-03-13)
1.  N. C. Central Eagles——–(12-7, 5-0)–(5)—98—-2—(Defeats Coppin State Eagles,(84-75), vs-Morgan State Bears-(Record, 6-10), at-Delaware State Hornets-(Record, 8-10))
2.  #-Norfolk State Spartans—-(12-10,7-0)–(2)—89—-4—(Defeats Hampton Pirates,(74-67), at-Coppin State Eagles-(Record, 5-16), at-Morgan State Bears-(Record, 6-10))
3.  Southern Jaguars————(14-7, 8-1)–(2)—87—-1—(Lost to Alcorn State Braves,(61-57), vs-Grambling State Tigers-(Record, 0-17))
4.  Savannah State Tigers——-(11-9, 5-1)——–86—-5—(Defeats S. C. State Bulldogs,(64-49), at-Howard Bison-(Record, 4-17))
5.  Tennessee State Tigers——(12-10,6-3)——–51—-3—(Lost to Morehead State Eagles,(78-69), vs-Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles-(Record, 8-12))
6.  Arkansas-P. B. Golden Lions-(8-12, 7-1)——–45—-6—(Defeats Grambling State Tigers,(79-67), at-Jackson State Tigers-(Record, 3-14), vs-Alabama State Hornets-(Record, 6-15))
7.  Delaware State Hornets——(8-10, 3-1)——–39—-NR–(Defeats Bethune-Cookman Wildcats,(68-52), at-Florida A & M Rattlers-(Record, 6-14), vs-N. C. Central Eagles-(Record, 12-7))
8.  Texas Southern Tigers——-(7-14, 6-2)——–22—-NR–(Defeats Alabama A & M Bulldogs,(89-56), vs-Alabama State Hornets-(Record, 6-15), vs-Prairie View A & M Panthers-(Record, 8-13))
9.  Morgan State Bears———-(6-10, 3-2)——–14—-7—(Defeats N. C. A & T State Aggies,(55-52), at-N. C. Central Eagles-(Record, 12-7), vs-Hampton Pirates-(Record, 5-13))
10. Alcorn State Braves———(8-16, 6-3)——–10—-9—(Defeats Southern Jaguars,(61-57), vs-Jackson State Tigers-(Record, 3-14))

Dropped Out:            Hampton Pirates-(5-13, 2-3), N. C. A & T State Aggies-(9-11, 2-3)

Receiving Votes:        Alabama State Hornets-(6-15, 4-4)-7, Florida A & M Bulldogs-(6-14, 3-3)-4,
N. C. A & T State Aggies-(9-11, 2-3)-2

PWR = Previous Week Ranking
1PV = 1st Place Votes

# = Norfolk State-(26-10,  13-3) = TSPN & 3C 2011-2012 HBCU Basketball Men’s Major Division National Champion


The Dr. Cavil’s HBCU Major Division Women’s Basketball Top 10, with number of first-place votes,
c = Conference record, O = Overall record in parentheses, total points, previous ranking, and next opponent:

Name———————————C-/-O-Records–1PV-Points-PWR–Last Game-Next Game-(01-28-13–02-03-13)
1.  @-Hampton Lady Pirates————(15-5, 6-0)—(8)—100—1—(Defeats Norfolk State Lady Spartans,(76-41), vs-Howard Bison-(Record, 11-7), at-Morgan State Bears-(Record, 5-14))
2.  Howard Lady Bison—————–(11-7, 5-1)———87—-2—(Defeats N.J.I.T. Highlanders,(46-33), at-Hampton Lady Pirates-(Record, 15-5), vs-Savannah State Lady Tigers-(Record, 6-14))
3.  N. C. A & T State Lady Aggies—–(11-7, 3-2)———82—-4—(Defeats Morgan State Lady Bears,(90-73), vs-Coppin State lady Eagles-(Record, 8-12), at-Maryland-E. S. Lady Hawks-(Record, 5-10))
4.  Southern Lady Jaguars————-(9-11, 8-1)———74—-5—(Defeats Aclorn State Lady Braves,(64-53), vs-Grambling State Lady Tigers-(Record, 4-16))
5.  Texas Southern Lady Tigers——–(10-9, 7-1)———69—-6—(Defeats Alabama A & M Lady Bulldogs,(54-50), vs-Alabama State Lady Hornets-(Record, 6-13), vs-Prairie View A & M Lady Panthers-(Record, 7-11))
6.  Florida A & M Lady Rattlers——-(8-11, 5-1)———51—-7—(Defeats Maryland-Eastern Shore Lady Hawks,(67-54), vs-Delaware State Lady Hornets-(Record, 6-11), at-Bethune-Cookman Lady Wildcats-(Record, 8-10))
7.  S. C. State Lady Bulldogs———(12-6, 4-3)———35—-3—(Defeats Savannah State Lady Tigers,(75-54), at-Howard Bison-(Record, 6-12))
8.  Delaware State Lady Hornets——-(6-11, 3-1)———32—-NR–(Defeats Bethune-Cookman Lady Wildcats,(62-57), at-Florida A & M Lady Rattlers-(Record, 8-11), vs-N. C. Central Lady Eagles-(Record, 0-18))
9.  Tennessee State Lady Tigers——-(8-10, 4-3)———13—-NR–(Defeats Morehead State Lady Eagles,(68-56), E. Kentucky Lady Colonels-(Record, 11-7))
10. Alabama A & M Lady Bulldogs——-(6-12, 5-3)———8—–8—(Lost to Texas Southern Lady Tigers,(54-50), at-Prairie View A & M Lady Panthers-(7-11), vs-M. Valley State Lady Delta Devils-(Record, 7-12))

Dropped Out:            M. Valley State Lady Delta Devils-(7-12, 4-4), Coppin State Lady Eagles-(8-12, 4-3)

Receiving Votes:        Coppin State Lady Eagles-(8-12, 4-3)-6, Prairie View A & M Lady Panthers-(7-11, 4-4)-3,
M. Valley State Lady Delta Devils-(7-12, 4-4)-2, Alabama State Lady Hornets-(6-13, 4-4)-1

PWR = Previous Week Ranking
1PV = 1st Place Votes

@ = Hampton Lady Pirates-(26-5,  15-1) = TSPN & 3C 2011-2012 HBCU Basketball Women’s Major Division National Champion


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