Make no mistake about it; social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are here to stay. For businesses and organizations, large and small, having a presence on either one of these social networks – if not both- is key.

Recently, the SWAC office got into the social media mix creating profiles on Facebook and Twitter. There was really nothing out of the ordinary with the SWAC’s updates until they posted this on Twitter earlier today.

can’t wait to find out if Prairie View can complete their climb from the bottom of the SWAC to the top & knock off favorite Grambling State!


I immediately thought to myself, this isn’t the kind of tweet the conference should create with the intent of promoting the organization and its member schools. Apparently I am not along on this. JC of the HBCU Sport Blog commented on the awkward tweet as well.

Really, SWAC? You hatin’ on Grambling State? Even though GSU is your most recognized football brand outside of SWAC competition, even though several other teams could “knock them off,” you are putting your rooting interest in PVAMU?

One would think that Prairie View fans would have some kind of appreciation for a tweet like this, but that isn’t even the case based on a reply by Fire923 who is a PV supporter

@theswac: considering that PV has not been at the bottom on some years it’s not far for them to climb.

Fire923 make a valid point. Even with a limit of 140 characters, the SWAC still got the details of this tweet all wrong.

Then later in the day came this tweet from the SWAC.

is fired up for band day this Wednesday on the SWAC facebook page Looking for great photos, videos & stories To sign up, check out!


Is this simply the SWAC’s way of letting us know that Wednesday is band day on its Facebook page? Is it not possible to let us know about band day without being “fired up”?

It appears that the SWAC hasn’t figured out that as an organization (made up of 10 member schools) there is some level of decorum that has to be used when posting tweets.

My advice to the SWAC: Focus on giving us the details without the emotion. There is no need to tell us how “fired up” you are about something or how you “can’t wait” to find out if Prairie View can complete its climb against Grambling. There are still 8 other schools to consider and the season hasn’t even started.

And while you are boasting about the 2000 plus fans following you on Facebook, how about you take some time to follow the 10 member schools in the SWAC on Twitter. As of the time of this post, you follow nobody. It’s the least you can do.


  1. Even though the Swac doesn’t follow their own member schools on Twitter, they should require all the member schools have a Twitter account. The last time I checked Texas Southern and Alabama State is not on Twitter.

  2. Excellent commentary. Unfortunately, a lot of the folks that run orgs such as the SWAC don’t understand social media.

  3. Kenn, usually, I’m with you, because you are one of the few people who can be and always serves as the voice of the fans.

    However, you missed it this time.

    I run an organization’s facebook site like the one the SWAC has. You CAN NOT follow anyone else. The site simply does not allow this functionality.

    And, about decorum, even the President of the United States (as well as other NCAA conferences) speaks in the same casual lingo. That’s the point of social media. And, several very large, prestigious organizations do the same – express enthusiasm and excitement on social media in a way that they can’t on company letterhead.

    Give them a break this time. I’m amazed they are even on this. LOL, how many staffers do they have in communications or marketing? They keep that page pretty updated and that probably takes a while. They must already be working overtime before the season starts, lol. They will burn out before Circle city classic.

    Still, Kenn, keep on keeping them straight. You have important voice and a position.


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