Atlanta, GA—Georgia Tech outlasted Alcorn State, 4-0 in the opening round of the NCAA Tennis Tourney. The Jackets got things moving quickly as they won the point in the doubles competition. The Lady Braves attempted to dig themselves of the hole during singles but Georgia Tech’s tenacity overtook Alcorn State. Georgia Tech earned their second point after Felicia Chien was defeated by Noelle Hickey. After gaining their second point it wasn’t long before the defending national champs had sealed their fate to move on to the next round.

“Our team played extremely well,” stated Coach Dodgen. All of the coaches were upbeat and had many positive things to say about the ladies. “They made Georgia Tech play really hard. I am very proud of their performance.”

Three out of eight members of the ’08 Lady Braves Tennis Team will receive their B.S. degrees tomorrow. They are Felicia Chien (Communications), Swetha Devaraj (Biology) and Avernelle Holder (Business Administration).

#3 Georgia Tech 4, Alcorn State 0

Singles competition
1. #10 Kristi Miller (GT) vs. Swetha Devaraj (AS) 6-1, 3-1, unfinished
2. #7 Amanda McDowell (GT) vs. Stefania Guzman (AS) 6-0, 5-2,
3. #51 Whitney McCray (GT) def. Katherine Hoepelman (AS) 6-0, 6-0
4. #77 Christy Striplin (GT) def. Claudia Gonzales (AS) 6-0, 6-0
5. #46 Kirsten Flower (GT) vs. Sarah Jo Peters (AS) 6-1, 4-0,
6. Noelle Hickey (GT) def. Felicia Chien (AS) 6-0, 6-0

Doubles competition
1. Kristi Miller/Sasha Krupina (GT) def. Swetha Devaraj/Sarah Jo Peters
(AS) 8-5
2. Whitney McCray/Noelle Hickey (GT) def. Stefania Guzman/Katherine
Hoepelman (AS) 8-1
3. Kirsten Flower/Christy Striplin (GT) def. Martina Garda/Avernelle
Holder (AS) 8-0


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