image text testThe Southwestern Athletic Conference announced today that Jackson State head football coach Rick Comegy has been reprimanded for his comments made during the SWAC’s weekly coaches/media teleconference on Monday, October 8, 2007.

After investigating the comments made by Coach Comegy and an intensive review of SWAC bylaws and regulations, the appropriate recourse at this time is a letter of reprimand from the Conference office. While this reprimand does not include a suspension, future incidents could result in a fine and/or suspension from athletic competition.

“For this particular situation, SWAC policy has determined that a public reprimand is the appropriate course of action,” said interim commissioner Duer Sharp.

The Conference has spoken with Comegy, who has apologized for his comments to Southern University and the City of Baton Rouge. The Conference has also addressed this issue with the leadership and athletic departments of both Jackson State and Southern Universities.

The Southwestern Athletic Conference holds its coaches and administrators to the highest standards and we expect them to conduct themselves in a way which brings creditability and professionalism to the Conference.


  1. I hope the SWAC Commish sits in the stands on SU’s side and not duck when he hears gunshots in the immediate background. Then he’ll get the feel of what others have witnessed, first hand.
    No pressbox commish. Man up and sit in the stands where the real action erupts.

  2. Comegy’s fat ARSE just trying to keep Jankie Sue fans at home so that he doesn’t have to wait in the Buffet Line at “The Country Kitchen”!

    Oh well, atleast he doesn’t have to worry about hearing “The Silent Boom of the South”!

  3. The SWAC stinks again. Comegy aint lying.

    Just last year a visiting team had their locker room broking into during the game and nobody see nothing.

    Stories of bricks in broken car windows and tires magically going flat can’t all be fairy tales. Can they?

    Comegy should have not have said it but it is tthe truth. JSU fans going to Mumbord may wanna hit the Iron before they leave home or take some HGH in the parking lot cause expect it to get OOGLY in the stands.

  4. Look if you Jacked Up State fans are scared, then stay at home. jSU has already sold out of their tickets allocated to them by SU, so it’s obvious some folks aren’t scared.

    For all of the others, stay y’all scared ARSE’s at home because “the sky is falling”.

    And just like you posted paul:

    “Stories of bricks in broken car windows and tires magically going flat can’t all be fairy tales. Can they?”

    Yeah, they can be tales because how many of you Country ARSE people in Jackupedson actually have car windows that work and good tires that don’t constantly go flat? Schyatt, the last time Jacked State played at Mumford, you clown showed in Horse and Buggies, talking bout’ “Whoaaaaaa” everytime you can to a stop sign!

  5. A lot of what happens ain’t SU’s fault. I’m willing to bet that a lot of those windows with bricks in them happened to cars parked away from the campus. Law Enforcement is heavy on campus during the games but they can only extend so far. It really makes it difficult when LSU has a home game. I expect a heavy presence this week.

    Scotlandville is not a thug community…a lot of fine homes and people live there. However, there are criminals everywhere who will go anywhere that they feel they can be criminal.

  6. I am a true JSU fan and I bleed Blue and White, but I dont think that Comegy should have made those comments. Even though they are true, the media has basically made this event, b/c its not only a game, a disater waiting to happen. I will be in attendance to see JSU man-handle SU. This is SU’s test to see how good of a football team they really are. All of the pressure is on them, not us! Think about it!

  7. Blue Tigers and Jaguars, what’s the jungle coming to. Thank goodness at Gram we have colors that are true to our mascot. Maybe that explains our prowess on the field.

  8. Once the official blows the whistle to start the game, none of this smack talk will matter.
    Hope all of the tailgaters enjoy themselves, and good luck to the JSU Tiger football team and the BOOM! Can’t wait to see and hear them march into ‘Get Ready’, cause HERE WE COME!!
    Somebody’s in deep, deep trouble!!


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