kennshot.jpgCorrections and follow up on comments made previously about the State Fair Classic football game between Grambling and Prairie View. Learn about my conversation with State Fair Classic promoter Al Wash of ALW Entertainment.

Thanks to all of you for your feedback and comments. I didn’t expect this type of reaction.


  1. Hey, Kenn, when I click on the follow up, I am prompted with a “save or cancel” dialog. The file has an extension of .flv I am not sure what kind of file that is, but it is not associated with anything on my maching, thus, I cannot open it. Any hints?

  2. You must be using Internet Explorer as it works in Firefox, but I am in the process of changing video players now. Check back in a little while.


    I thought I was being OVERLY anal by the IRRITATION that was K104 and that insipid chris arnold! His comments and supposed ‘play-by-play’ were bush-league, at best! I left the game that year and prior ones as well feeling the EXACT same way! Where was the professionalism? Would the ou graduate DARE say those same type things the FOLLOWING weekend during ou/univ-texas weekend? Hell no!

    It’s almost like others had TOTALLY forgotten that they were DEALING and in the MIDST of COLLEGE EDUCATED PEOPLE OF COLOR and WE D-E-M-A-N-D the SAME EXACT level of R-E-S-P-E-C-T like those people who are PWCU graduates! Don’t ridicule us while you’re in our midst! I am NOT ghetto; therefore, don’t TREAT me ghetto or look upon me as ghetto. I’m very well educated and I want to be RESPECTED and LOOKED UP as such!

    The hatred I have for k104 and 97.9 became so high until I stopped listening to their primitively “ghetto” shows during the year 1991 (when I first arrived in Big “D”). I now listen to the MEXICAN channel 106.7 (?) and 97.1 (the bone if memory serves correct).

    I hope the “shock&awe” messages regarding this behavior is taken in it’s context and grabs the attention of all affected. 🙂

  4. I knew I wasn’t the only one saying STFU in Chicago. The atmosphere would have been fine if those Disc Jockey’s were not on the mics. They did entirely too much talking in between plays, cracking too many pointless jokes, and so on. It really took away from the game if you ask me. I heard some of the locals even saying STFU! They take them off of the mics, the game would be fine. All I want to know is the down and distance, how many yards were gained on the play, the names of the folks involved in the play, and other informative things within the game itself.

  5. Kenn, did I miss something? Who state that the Chicago Classic teams were Southern and FAMU? Perhaps you delete those posts?

    And for the record, I posted on this commentary using my name, not my nickname. I did not post as Jackie and question your about the Internet access at the game. Just thought I would clear that up.

  6. Not sure if this is the proper place/post to post that question, but feel free to use the form on the contact page to if you want an answer.

  7. I disagree. We as black people do things different and not all Black College Football game are like what you are saying. The fact is that it has been a land slide for years and years so as a promoter, I too would try alternative stategies to PROMOTE or ENHANCE my game. I know so many people that say im not coming cause its always a blow. And as far as the bands….The REAL PROOF is in the fact that after halftime the stands are half empty cause the show they came to see is over and i mean the show from some of the HBCU greats. And as far as that penalty I was directing the song that got us the penalty and you have to know the full story. Our time relied on us for support all the time and at we would always ablidge and that time was know different. If we were formally warned we would have cut the song off. Its just a reality that in todays society HBCU BANDS are almost as important to the overall game as the football team. Case and point..GSU leading SU 31-10…..The band got to playing “It aint over till its over” ending score 38-31 SU….


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