The HBCU Major Division Football Top 10, with number of first-place votes, record in parentheses, total points, previous ranking, and next opponent:

Name——————Record–1PV-Points-PWR–Next Game-(9-7/9-2007)
1.  Alabama A & M——(1-0)–(5)—95—-2—(vs-Clark-Atlanta)
2.  Delaware State—–(1-0)–(3)—88—-4—(at-Florida A & M)
3.  %-Hampton———-(0-0)–(2)—76—-1—(at-Howard)
4.  Southern———–(1-0)——–71—-10–(at-#8-Miss Valley State)
5.  S. C. State——–(0-1)——–56—-3—(at-Bethune-Cookman)
6.  Alabama State——(1-0)——–40—-NR–(at-Texas Southern)
7.  Miss. Valley State-(1-0)——–37—-NR–(vs-#4-Southern)
8.  Prairie View A & M-(1-0)——–31—-NR–(vs-N. C. A & T State)
9.  Morgan State——-(1-0)——–22—-NR–(vs-Towson)
10. @-N. C. Central—-(1-1)——–13—-8—(vs-St. Augustine’s)

Dropped Out:            Florida A & M-(0-1), Tennessee State-(0-1), Arkansas P. B.-(0-1)
Jackson State-(0-1)

Receiving Votes:        Grambling State-(1-0)-12, Bethune-Cookman-(1-0)-6,
Florida A & M-(0-1)-4

PWR = Previous Week Ranking
1PV = 1st Place Votes

% TSPN & 3C 2006 HBCU Football Major Division National Champion

@ TSPN & 3C 2006 HBCU Football Mid-Major Division National Champion
& (FCS Transition Year 1)

Major Division = Division I Championship Subdivision (FCS) / (Formerly NCAA Division I-AA)

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