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Photo: Alabama A&M Athletics

Connell Maynor requesting whether Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders would send him an Aflac scooter led to suggestions that the Alabama A&M coach was engaging in trash talk ahead of the teams anticipated matchup on Saturday.

Speaking with Huntsville, Alabama-based FOX 54, Maynor said his question has been misinterpreted as disrespectful.

“I asked the man a question,” Maynor said. “I didn’t talk about the man.”

At the end of his media session on Monday, Maynor said he hurt his ankle and wanted to know whether Deion Sanders would send him a scooter.

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“You got an extra scooter for me? Maynor jokingly asked. “If you got an extra scooter, send me one down here. Thank you.”

Sanders has been using a special scooter provided to him by Aflac as he recovers from recent toe surgery.

The comment made waves online and even rankled Sanders, to which he said he wouldn’t engage in any back-and-forth with Maynor.

“The coach (Maynor) said something about me but I won’t shoot back because I don’t do that,” said Sanders.

Nevertheless, Mayor — despite what some might think — explained he doesn’t harbor any animosity toward Sanders.

“Take whatever you road you want,” Maynor said about Sanders’ reaction to his comments. “Take the high road, low road, or back road. I don’t give a crap. I didn’t talk about the man. I asked him one question.”

He then charged his critics to evaluate the question in context, not conjecture.

“Read. Reading is fundamental,” said Maynor.


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