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Deion Sanders has all of sudden become a hot coaching commodity with his immediate transformation of the Jackson State football program.

One ESPN college football analyst believes that Sanders could find himself at the FBS level soon and has one destination already in mind.

ESPN college football analyst Booger McFarland suggested on the ESPN College Football Podcast that Sanders, in his second season at Jackson State, could be the next head coach at Florida State.

“Doesn’t it almost feel like Florida State and Deion Sanders are on a collision course?” McFarland asked.

“Doesn’t it almost feel like we’re wasting time,” McFarland said. “Deion is doing his thing, proving that he can run a program. He’s proving that he can lead. And he may be the most famous Florida State alum ever. Doesn’t it feel like they’re on a collision course?

Sanders’ name has come up recently amid the struggles at Florida State under current head coach Mike Norvell. The Seminoles are 0-2 coming off a shocking loss to FCS Jacksonville State last Saturday night.

“I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if in the next year or two they make that move,” McFarland said.

“I was very skeptical about whether or not Deion wanted to coach,” McFarland said. “But he’s shown that he wants to do all the work. Yes, he’s still flashy. He’s still Coach Prime. And I think that as he gets more experience, he will continue to know when he can be Coach Prime, and when he has to be the coach of X, Y, Z — whatever that school is, because there’s a difference.

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“One, I’m promoting me and my brand. The other, I’m promoting the school in which I work for. … You can promote your brand, I think, at Jackson State, but when you go to a Power Five school, it’s about the school. I think Deion, he’ll get all of that.

“But it just feels like, man, the inevitable is Florida State and Deion.”

This is not the first time Sanders has been connected to the FBS level.

In April, an ESPN report by senior writer Adam Rittenberg was being looked at closely by FBS schools to determine whether he would be a fit.

Earlier this week, Rich Eisen discussed on his radio show that Sanders has impressed him with his work ethic and influence not only at JSU but HBCU football.

Former USC great Reggie Bush said Saturday morning that Sanders would “help restore greatness to USC” after the Trojans fired Clay Helton.

I do believe there is a coach out there that can help restore USC to its greatness,” Bush said on Fox’s “Big Noon Kickoff,” and reported by 247 Sports. “I believe Deion Sanders can be that person. He can be that person. When you think about what he’s done at Jackson State right now, Jackson State has the No. 55 recruiting class in the nation. They’re one ahead of Kansas State, which has a significantly much larger budget than Jackson State does.”

Sanders has certainly shown in less than a full calendar year on the job that he can positively impact a program through his leadership.

Jackson State almost overnight went from a mediocre outfit to boasting the top recruiting class in the FCS, and even better than many FBS schools.

Sanders has also elevated the brand with partnerships with Barstool Sports and Under Armour among others.

What FBS program that is in need of a quick-fix — like Florida State — wouldn’t be attracted by the results at Jackson State so far?


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