The South Carolina State athletic department is requesting upwards of $1 million from state board of trustees to assist with funding for sports programs and athletic scholarships.

South Carolina State University Athletics Director Stacy Danley told the Times and Democrat that he sought a reported $239,000 for scholarships and $485,000 to support personnel.

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“We sponsor 14 sports. That’s 174 scholarships if we were fully funded. We’re at about 122. So that’s a big difference for us,” Danley said. “We do not have full-time coaches for a number of our non-revenue sports and administrative positions, specifically in the business administration. We don’t have anyone there, and we are missing some of the basic revenue-generating positions, whether that’s marketing, sales, things of that nature, as well as a staff operation of basic revenue-generating activities,” Danley said.

Title IX, another issue on the school’s radar, was something the school was non-compliant due to funding, said Daley.

The bulk of the financial problems facing South Carolina State stems from a significant budget shortfall. The university indicated that the athletic budget saw a 39 % decline from $12 million to $7 million, the newspaper reported.

“That’s a mule kick to the stomach,” he said.


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