Bayou Classic 2018
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Update: After an initial report indicated that Grambling State head coach Broderick Fobbs and his players would not be present for Bayou Classic postgame media availability, Fobbs briefly spoke to News-Star reporter Cory Diaz about the 30-28 loss to Southern prior to the team leaving the Superdome.

Watch Fobbs’ postgame comments in the video below.

It will be interesting to find out whether there was miscommunication that led to Fobbs previously not being made available for the customary postgame news conference. No official explanation was provided by Diaz or anyone else associated with Grambling, the SWAC or Bayou Classic about what transpired. Nonetheless, it was rather encouraging that Fobbs did answer questions following what was a tough loss for the Tigers.

Being on the losing end of a rivalry game, particularly one with stakes on the line is a tough pill to swallow.

That’s the position Grambling State found themselves in after losing in the Bayou Classic, 30-28 to Southern on a blocked field goal in the final seconds of regulation.

Gone was the opportunity to win the SWAC West, appear in the conference championship game and a shot to play in the Celebration Bowl.

That all went out of the window when Miguel Mendez’s field goal attempt met the hand of Joe Davis.

Following the postgame bedlam that ensued, members of the media waited to conduct postgame interviews before being told Grambling head coach Broderick Fobbs, nor his players, would be made available, per News-Star reporter Cory Diaz.

Maybe there was not a mandated media obligation for players and coaches, though Southern players and head coach Dawson Odums did speak to the press following the game, which makes Grambling being a no-show even more bizarre.

It quite frankly it’s a bad look for Grambling, Fobbs, the SWAC and the Bayou Classic that the Tigers did not provide comments following the biggest game of the season to date.

We understand losing a game of this magnitude — and the way it happened in Grambling’s case — hurts. However, players (not all of them, of course) and coaches have an obligation to not avoid the responsibility of talking to the media.

Maybe we will learn the reasons why Grambling did not speak Saturday night. Or maybe, as evidenced by the actions of the team after the Bayou Classic, no explanation will likely be given.


  1. I venture to say that there was no ill—intent on the part of Coach Fobbs. He’s a man of great character. Likely just a misunderstanding. Fobbs is a good man, folks!

  2. This article is a joke. Fobbs did not speak to the official Media outlets. A quick conversation with his local paper does not count. Worthless article!!!

  3. Why should they speak when the officiating was noticeably bias for Southern. I am not an official but when you can see obvious fouls directly in front of officials and they refuse to throw the flag, but on questionable holding penalties you have no problem. But hats off to SU, but still cory and others jumped the gun on their comments for this subject, it makes not GSU look bad but those who are so called editors for the department.


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