So, who is college football’s greatest quarterback?

Is it former Alcorn State legend Steve McNair? ESPN’s Marcus Spears seems to think so.

The question, which has resulted in a national debate, comes on the heels of a comment made by former Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer when he said Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence was “the best quarterback ever.”

Tuesday, during a segment on ESPN’s First Take, Spears said, “I have never seen a better college football player than Steve “Air” McNair.”

Is Steve McNair the greatest quarterback ever? Provide your answer using the poll below.

The poll closes Thursday at midnight.


  1. I am humbled by your choice of Steve McNair but I confess James Harris and/or Doug Williams deserve
    mention. Personally though, I think Joe Gilliam was probably the most gifted of the three. Just a footnote, Deshan Watson was better than Trevor Lawrence -who has not even completed 2 years yet.
    We all know however, they will always try to throw a White player in the mix ( aka Tim Tebow ). There
    are however NUMEROUS black quarterbacks (who attended white colleges ) who could be recognized as the greatest QB>


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