The fallout from the ongoing federal investigation into a corruption scandal throughout college basketball has stretched its tentacles into the HBCU world.

Former Norfolk State basketball player Kyle O’Quinn was one of several players named by Yahoo Sports who allegedly took loans from an agent.

O’Quinn, who currently is a center for the New York Knicks, was found to have taken cash from Andy Miller, who worked for ASM Sports.

O’Quinn, though, refuted the accusations, telling the New York Daily News that the claim that he received an $1,887.06 loan tied to an ASM Sports balance sheet dated Dec. 31, 2015 was unfounded.

““I haven’t seen much about it,” he said. “I actually got a brief preview of it when I came to practice today. I don’t think I need an $1,800 loan the last couple years. I’m doing OK.

“You think I would have taken even $18 at Norfolk State? No.”

Norfolk State said it was aware of the report and the school would be investigating the claim against O’Quinn, who helped lead the Spartans to an upset win the 2012 NCAA Tournament.


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