In an annual event that has evolved to become the unofficial start of the marching band season, the 2017 Queen City Battle of the Bands dazzled the thousands of spectators who were in attendance Saturday at Memorial Stadium in Charlotte, N.C.

The nine participants of this year’s exhibition were Alabama State, Bethune-Cookman, Jackson State, Miles College, North Carolina Central, Norfolk State, Tennessee State, Talladega College and Winston-Salem State.

As is always the case in exhibitions such as these there is no official winner, but we’re certain that doesn’t stop individuals from drawing their own conclusions.

Thus, we are forced to ask an obvious question: Which band won the 2017 Battle of the Band?

Below are video clips of each performance. Take a moment to view the clips and then cast your vote in our poll.

Alabama State


Jackson State

Miles College

North Carolina Central

Norfolk State

Talladega College

Tennessee State

Winston-Salem State

Time to choose. The poll will close at 11:59 p.m. Aug. 30.


  1. Everyone that was there had to experience and KNOW Miles College had a very iconic “How Excellent” performance. Had to be my favorite moment. WSSU shouldn’t be allowed to attend. The show was VERY high school and boring… so glad they started.

    • The How Excellent performance we churchy that’s the only reason it was amazing because the crow sung. It was mediocre. Rate on bands not the chorus.

  2. I thought there all kick ass but miles was next level along with NSU and BCU Talladega had the most power also TSU ABS big girls rock the show as well jackson state Drum Majors straight vicious along BCU. Its time for Southern and Famu next year i will be there.

  3. Miles College What a outstanding performance I love it !!! S/o to you all most definitely. THE Dance girls and especially the flag girls did they thing I love it great job miles College.

  4. Norfolk State really had a great performance there trumpets sound AMAZING and there dance girls looked very classy. I’m going with norfolk state

  5. Someone tell me something Miles played before the Gospel Selection ! You don’t know ? Why ? Because the show was lackluster before that. So although that moment was awesome. This was about who had the best show from start to finish. That being none other than Thee Norfolk State University Marching Spartans “Legion”

  6. Norfolk State University won this competition hands down. The music was great. This is the only band that did not hug those yard lines and do some typical diamond shaped march drill routine. The aux. units were very good. The sound alone was way over the competition. Miles College’s band director knew that black people, especially those in the South, love gospel music. This competition reminds me of the movie Drumline on so many levels. NSU was fire.


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