Whether intended or not, the Talladega College marching band has made national headlines since announcing on its Facebook page that the band was invited to march in President-elect Donald Trump’s inaugural parade Jan. 20 in Washington.

Since the announcement was posted, there has been no official statement from the school indicating whether or not the band will actually participate in the parade.

Heightened conversations on social media platforms have evolved to the point where competing petitions have recently been launched online. One petition is seeking support for the band’s participation in the parade, the other seeking support for the band to withdraw from it.

What are your thoughts about this announcement and the HBCU community’s reaction to it? Take a moment to participate in the poll below.

Poll ends Jan. 7 at 11:59 p.m.


  1. No HBCU should attend this circus. It is bad enough that the President elect verbally disrespects us, now you want us to parade around the same racist people who want to hang you from a tree. Really!!!!!!!!


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