A Kentucky State basketball player was fatally shot during a pool party that unexpectedly turned violent at Fayette County, Georgia home.

Georgia police said 19-year-old Wali Clanton died during the shooting. Investigators said four other people were wounded.

Clanton was a freshman basketball player at at Kentucky State.

From WSB-TV Atlanta:

Witnesses told Channel 2’s Tyisha Fernandes there were more than 200 people at the party at a home in Fayette County Saturday night.

As soon as the disc jockey said that someone drugged his daughter’s drink, security guard Antonio Gibson took control.

“I immediately got on the mic, and I shut the party completely down,” Gibson said.

As hundreds of teens poured into the street on Highway 279 in Fayetteville, police said a fight broke out amongst some teens.

“At around 12:30-ish, I heard 15 gun shots go off. I told everybody to get down,” Gibson said.

Five people were shot, according to police.

One of the party-goers tweeted, “Next thing we know, there was shooting, so we running, and the group of guys running with us and one dude right next to us got shot.”

Wali Clanton Sr., mourned the lost of his son.

“He was just an outstanding kid,” Clanton’s father said. “He was always just on a high level, just very outspoken, just a very good kid.


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