How many college football coaches also double as mixed martial arts fighters in the offseason?

Well, Bethune-Cookman head coach Brian Jenkins recently got into the octagon for a bout and was impressive, although the 43-year-old was disqualified.

Jenkins dropped his opponent Chris Green moments into the fight and pounded him as he lay on the mat. However, doing so in the amateur ranks is deemed illegal, according to MMA rules and judges.

Even though Jenkins was not awarded a victory, he was pleased with his performance.

“I am proud of what I showed,” Jenkins said. “Whatever the judges decided, I’m not going to question. I committed myself to eight to 10 weeks of training. I wanted to prove to my players that everything I ask them to do as far as focus and attention to detail … that is what I put into preparing for this fight, and I went out and executed. And I wanted to prove to my son and daughter that if you set your mind on something you can do it.

“I can walk away with my head held high, be satisfied and move on.”

For B-CU fans, they’re hoping this aspiring MMA fighter is preparing his team to throttle opponents in 2014 as opposed to toppling foes in the ring.


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