OK, I’ll admit, the headline of this post is a bit over the top, but the revelation (thanks to DGTM) of SWAC commissioner Duer Sharp finally taking to Twitter is news worthy for one primary reason.

For the third straight year Duer refused to take questions from members of the media during the first installment of Monday’s weekly SWAC coaches teleconference.  What’s up with that?

What conference commissioner wouldn’t want to take questions from media members on the opening week of the college football season?

Why wouldn’t Duer want to possibly answer questions about the SWAC’s plan to deal with weather conditions associated with Hurricane Isaac and any potential game delays it might cause?

During the teleconference, Grambling head coach Doug Williams expressed his displeasure with the SWAC’s plan to change conference game dates – beginning next season – that will result in traditional SWAC games being played on different dates during the course of the season.  According to Williams, Grambling’s season opener next year will be against Alabama A&M instead of Alcorn State, a game that’s historically been the season opener for both teams for decades.

Williams’ concern is a valid one, and it would not be out of the ordinary for Duer to address the possible question from the media on why it was necessary to make such a change to the SWAC’s master schedule.

But addressing questions from the media is apparently too hard for Duer to handle.  Instead, Duer wants to address questions from his followers on Twitter.  Here is the very first tweet Duer created on August 28th.


Not a bad a bad first tweet by the commissioner.  Inspiring even!  I appreciate the call of action that Duer takes to get SWAC followers involved.

Apparently it worked.

Members of the TSPNsports message board indicated they sent their questions to Duer, but had yet to hear back from him.

Why is this not surprising?

Then, Duer got bold…REALLY BOLD…in which he proceeded with his second tweet.

(Sound of a needle scratching the record)


Duer refuses to address possible questions from the media about Hurricane Isaac, the SWAC’s future scheduling situation or about the reduction in staff members (due to sudden departures), but is willing to take suggestions on which artists we’d like to see for the Magic City Classic?  It’s important to make clear that Duer is speaking of the Magic City Classic football game between Alabama A&M and Alabama State, not the SWAC championship game.

Is Duer a conference commissioner or a concert promoter?

Ladies and gentlemen of the SWAC Council of Presidents, this is the man you agreed to give another contract extension to lead our conference.  God help us!

Nevertheless, I‘ve got questions I want answered.  Questions that are long overdue for an answer.  And if it means using Twitter to get answers from Duer then I am all for it.

This just in: TSPNsports is now following Duer Sharp on Twitter.  We will keep you informed as answers to my questions become available.

Follow Duer Sharp on Twitter: @Duersharpswac



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