Greg Lafluer
Greg Lafluer

Southern University Athletic Director Greg LaFleur, has been arrested for suspicion of soliciting a prostitute.  Here is a report filed by WBRZ in Baton Rouge. LA.

Southern University Athletic Director Greg LaFleur has been arrested in Houston for prostitution.

The former LSU and NFL football player was booked on a misdemeanor charge by Houston Police, with bond set at $500 according to court records.

The 52-year-old LaFleur was in Houston for the Final Four. Southern is searching for a new men’s basketball coach to replace Rob Spivery, who was relieved of his duties last week.

Southern University Chancellor Kofi Lomotey and President Ronald Mason both had “no comment” after hearing the news of LaFleur’s arrest.



    • so you have never made a mistake in your life?….I believe we are ALL entitled to mistakes in our lives…. that is why we are FORGIVEN ….we must forgive to be forgiven…I can see the pain and sorrow in Greg’s face… so much that I cried. To Greg, we love you and it’s okay. YOU are a very special person and lots of people depend on you. Keep being that special person, ask God’s forgiveness(if this is even true) and move forward.

  1. If he did this and the Board of Directors do not immediately fire him, Maybe Bobby Jindal should consider closing the place. Southern University is better than what has been happening there lately. You’re doggone right I’m pissed.

  2. I never profess a man’s innocence or guilt, however this would be a great time for Southern University to rid itself of LaFleur. Southern’s athletics have been on a steady decline since his hire as athletic director and the topping on the cake was the “homeboy hook up” job he gave Stump Mitchell instead of Heshima Northern. It’s time for change at Southern University.

  3. Reading the BR Paper, there are some people who are in support of LaFluer and are saying that prostitution should be legalized. Well, IT ISN’T LEGALIZED ! Maybe the speed limit SHOULD BE 100mph but, it isn’t and if you are stopped for violating the speed limit, you are given a ticket. Scotlandville Native has the right idea of what should happen at Southern. cd badon; you are right about one thing – LaFluer should move on (to somewhere else)

  4. I’am so tried of people saying that JSU did it, now we are like them, all of the schools in the swac have done something at one time or another, so let’s be for real no one should be doing anything like that
    especially our leaders, they should be a example for the students.I haven’t heard of any professer or leader at JSU doing anything like that, or some of the other things I have heard.

  5. WTF is Southern waiting on ? ? ? Fire the guy; put him on leave of absence; DO SOMETHING ! ! ! The incident happened Saturday – today is Wednesday A – N – D, NOTHING from the University ! Is the current Administration/Board of Supervisors trying to prove to “others” that THEY really don’t know how to take care of business. (OH, Dr. Clark, where art thou ? ? ?)

  6. It is so sad whenever bad things happen, which throw a negative light on our HBCU’s. I am shocked, though, when I hear about such happening at Southern. Time for some serious changes at the top, and I agree that I have never seen Southern’s Teams perform so badly during the past 2 years. Sad!


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