The HBCU Women’s Mid-Major Division Basketball Top 10, with number of first-place votes, record in parentheses, total points, and previous ranking:

1. Fort Valley State——(25-1)-(6)-—-93-—–1
2. Xavier————–—(23-5)-(3)—83——2
3. %-Langston—-—-——-(20-7)-(1)—80-—–4
4. Virginia State——-(21-5)—-—–63——3
5. Benedict————-(19-8)——-—-61——5
6. Bowie State——-——-(16-7)—–—-46-—–6
7. St. Augustine’s——(18-9)——-32——10
8. Elizabeth City State-(17-9)–——29——7
9. Johnson C. Smith—–(18-9)——-24——NR
10. Fayetteville State—(17-9)—–—-11——9

Dropped Out: Kentucky State-(15-9)

Receiving Votes: Kentucky State-(15-9)-10, Shaw-(15-11)-6, West Virginia State-(16-10)-4, Miles-(14-11)-3, Jarvis Christian-(15-13)-2, Tougaloo-(13-13)-1

PWR = Previous Week Ranking
1PV = 1st Place Votes

Langston % = TSPN & 3C 2008-2009 HBCU Women’s Basketball Mid-Major Division National Champion

Mid-Major Division = NCAA Division II & NAIA Division I

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