Melvin Spears
Melvin Spears

Former Grambling head coach Melvin Spears is now the offensive coordinator at Alabama State. Speculation of the news began earlier this week, but the (Baton Rouge) Advocate reported Spears confirmed the news on Saturday.

“I kind of backed into it,” Spears said. “Coach (Reggie) Barlow wanted to shuffle his staff and wanted to have a more vertical-type passing game. My name comes up anytime you hear that.”

Spears has established himself as a solid offensive coordinator and recruiter. This move to Alabama State could be the next step to eventually securing a another head coaching job. Some are even speculating that Alabama State head coach Reggie Barlow may have (unknowingly) hired his future replacement.


  1. This is why this site – while great – still has no credibility. There is absolutely no way in the world Melvin Spears would EVER become the head coach at Alabama State. Anyone who understands why he was fired at Grambling one year after winning a SWAC and national championship, and who knows the lay of the land at ASU would laugh at that until they rupture a spleen.

    The worst part is that the writer of the article cites posts on a message in an actual published story. Give us fact and analysis – not speculation. This site is too good for that.

  2. Congrats to you coach Spears. I for one, think you will do a great job. As a Southern fan, I can remember the powerful offenses that you lead on the field. I can remember being nervous the entire time your Grambling offense had the ball. It was not surprisng for yu guys to put up 50 points or more. Wish we could have gotten you to SU as HC or OC. Good luck, except for when you play the Jags.

  3. JB, Thank you for taking the time to comment on this blog post. While I fully understand that everyone isn’t going to agree with my analysis, it is important that you fully understand what you are in disagreement with. I never stated that Melvin Spears would be the next coach at Bama State. I stated that “this could be the next step to eventually securing ANOTHER head coaching job.”

    The link to the message board is there to support the statement that speculation indeed exists. The unique thing about blogs is that they allow writers to be “all-inclusive”. Therefore providing facts, analysis and even speculation is permitted.

    • I hope he doesn't turn his back on his players like he did in Casa Grande, Az. where he was an assistant coach to Stump Mitchell.

  4. This should be a good hire for ASU. I played for Coach Spears at Morgan State University and I can say first hand that while you have to get used to his personality and his way of doing things, he is a good coach that players can learn a lot from. Personally, he and I didn’t see eye to eye most of the time but in hindsight, I learned a heck of a lot from him and I find myself teaching guys that I now coach some of the same things that he taught me. Anyone who has played for this man can tall you that no one is more thorough in their preparation and that he has great passion for this game. Good Luck Coach Spears!

  5. I am the son of Melvin spears, An I know him well, he the best coach for the job. The player at bama have a true leader with them, an I’m not saying this because he’s my father, I played for him at grambling, an when I didn’t do the right things I was cut by him. He’s all about making the right choices, so with that being said He will be the next head coach somewhere if not bama. Congratulations pops

  6. Coach Spears is not only a coach but he is also a role model. I worked for Coach Spears the whole time he was at Grambling. He was fair and he was always prepared with his game plan. he made sure that the players knew the history of Grambling and that what his philosophy was. He taught me alot and i am still living on lessons that he has taught me today in my daily life. His famous quote was always MONEY DON’T SLEEP he was always up til 3-4 in the morning working on his game plan. ASU has a great coach and with Coach Spears and his student Coach V. Brown on the ASU staff together the SWAC is in for a rude awakening they will put up points but will the ASU Defense be able to stop the opponent

  7. I played for Coach Spears at Morgan State. The man can coach. Period. I wish I could play for the man today. Good luck Coach Spears.

  8. Good luck coach! You'll do well wherever you are, because you ""don't lay awake dreaming at night", you stay awake during the day getting the job done. Best Friend, Jean…..


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