rodbway.jpgIt was just a bunch of talk.

After weeks of discussions about him going to Duke and then about him going to FAMU, Nick Deriso of The News Star reports that Rod Broadway will stay at Grambling as the head coach of the football program.

However, if you ask Coach Broadway, he never understood what the big deal was;

“Nobody listened,” he said. “Everybody had me doing this and doing that. They all had their own opinion. I’ve said all along that I think this is a good situation. You can win here.”

As of the time of this post, the details of the new agreement between GSU and Broadway were not available.


  1. Coach Broadway,

    Hi,How are you?Hope you are well.You and

    your complete coaching staff.

    My name is Sherman Robinson.I am the first

    cousin of the late couch Eddie Robinson. WE are

    two brothers children.I tried to call your

    office to talk and give you some consolation.

    Only a voice-mail.

    This is what I want to say to you.

    Eddie would always say to me”I DID IT MY WAY.”

    Coach,you do it your way.Grambling is your

    school now and you are in charge.Do it your way. ————


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