The New York World Trade Center Bombeb!

I remembered today the one thing that got to me the most. My high school band director was temporarily living in the New York area just before that. He was going into New York with his wife on certain days of the week. I wasn't aware that they had stopped that about a week before this. So, I got really concerned that they may have be caught in that madness. A few days later, I was finally able to get through to him and confirm that he and his wife were fine. These are also very good friends of mines. I have an Aunt and her family. I didn't think they would be in that area, but you never know. My mother confirmed they were fine for me in the afternoon of 9/11. I have a TBS sorority sister that is in the New York area and was concerned about her being their also. So, that caused me to started wondering how many others that I know could be in the towers and in the Pentagon. I thought about how many people we know could be up there on business, pleasure or whatever - without my knowledge of it, so when would we know how many were effected by these foolish people working under ungodly spirits. Pray was certainly an enhanced part of life. Prayer that HIS BLOOD would be on the door post of all our love ones and friends, if it was HIS will.
We (TSPN Family) are truly blessed. In so many ways, we are blessings to each other. May God continue to richly blessed us and the rest of the world, through each of us.

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I'm sitting at work reading the posts on this thread......

And the tears are rolling down my face......

While I'm happy that we've survived for two years since this happens, my heart still aches for the families of the victims, and the children they left all left behind.

This still hurts......:bawling:
All my memories are still vivid!!

As I listened to an incredible tribute that was done by Frank Ski this morning on V-103 here in the ATL, all of my memories and emotions came rushing back to me.

I had just dropped off my son for school that morning when the first plane hit. Of course not being in front of a tv, the initial radio reports were extremely vague--small plane, accident, etc.

When I got to my office, there was a small group of people gathered in a suite down the hall from us watching a tv. I could see the building on fire and thought how amazing it was to see.

Of course none of us knew what was to follow at that point. So I began to walk back to my office. The second plane hit as I got back to my office and of course I went back to the tv.

Again, I was in shock, but still had no real emotional connection to it all.

Then came word that the Pentagon was hit! And I lost it! I ran back to my office before anyone could see me, but of course my staff followed me...I couldn't even speak from trying to hold back the tears; I only knew I had to get my boy on the line. I had recently changed phones so I hadn't even had time to load his cell that point I was goin into panic mode. I found his number though and was lucky enough to get through on the first call. He answered and I told him how much I loved him and that I thought I had lost him!

He was suppose to be on that side of the building that was hit; but he sent someone in his place :eek2: That person got lost and had come back to my boy's office to get directions when the plane hit!!

I remember watching TV non-stop for days; I went through so many emotions, as I'm sure we all did. And when I watched TV this morning and then listened to the radio, it all came back to me and hit me hard!

I don't think I will ever be able to shake these emotions! I will never forget that day!!

May God be with the families of each of the victims; and may God continue to always Bless the USA!!