The New York World Trade Center Bombeb!

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This is appatently deliberate. One plane hit the center. Matt Laur was doing a report when I watched the 2nd plane crash into the 2nd tower....MY GOD!

A plane was hijacked....American Airlines.... and this is intentional attacks on the World Trade Center....

Two planes have smashed into World Trade Center
in New York.
A small aircraft crashed into the upper floors of one of the
World Trade Center towers this morning.
Witnesses report hearing a huge explosion -- and heavy black
smoke could be seen pouring out of the building. Wreckage can also
be seen imbedded in the upper floors of the skyscraper.
Shortly afterward, a second plane hit the other tower.
There is no word on any causalities.
I am so mad right now! Some country needs to be F***ing nuked behind this s***. Im tired of playing with these piss ant countries and usama bin laden. :redhot: :redhot: :redhot: :redhot: :redhot:
I'm watching CNN now!!!!!

Those pictures are amazing!!!!

That plane went straight into that damn building!!

:redhot: :redhot: :redhot: :redhot: :redhot: :redhot: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :redhot: :mad: :redhot: :mad: :redhot: :mad: :redhot:

People in there at work, minding their own damn business and some damn dumb ass MFs want to make a statement!!!!!!

:redhot: :redhot: :redhot: :redhot: :redhot: :redhot: :redhot:
Look at all bush dumb ass had to say.

I need to know that tomahawk missles are in the air headed to the last known locations of Usama Bin Laden, momar Qudafi, Saddam hussein, and whoever in the hell else the CIA can think of. :redhot: :redhot: :redhot:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad: :redhot:
It is freakin crazy in NY now. Ther is complete pandomonium in Manhattan. Debris from the wreckage is still falling from the World Trade Center -- as far as a block away. This appears to be a kamikaze-like action. An observer mentioned he saw the plane turn, and directly flew into the WTC.

Those mfers are crazy. I am within an hour of Manhattan. I might be on the next plane to the boot.
Don't board a plane !

They don't think it is the last attack planned.

We don't know who was on the plane yet. Prayerfully, they were hijacked with no passengers, but that's not likely @ 9 a.m. in the morning.

If you didn't witness the actually plane contact with the twin towers, be thankful. :bawling: Instant tears here in the newsroom. It was that devistating!
No fly zone in New York ...right now!

Of course, we know it's intentional, but....

A National Transportation Safety Board
official says he doubts today's collisions at the World Trade
Center were accidental.
Ira Furman tells C-N-N that the World Trade Center is a very
visible building.
He says it's hard to imagine a pilot could hit the building
unintentionally during the daytime.
He also says it's even less likely that it could happen twice in
such a short time.
Furman tells C-N-N planes do occasionally fly in that airspace.
He says they can come within a mile or two of around the
Furman adds it's entirely possible for aircraft to fly through
New York without reporting to under air traffic control.
ya'll better get yalls arses down south!

Heads will roll my friends......Heads will roll!!!!!!! :redhot: :redhot:

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damn I just woke up to this........

ay yall im not tryin to be funny buy ay I just woke up and I saw what yall was syain and I turn on TV and I see this building looking funny az hell....It just looks very odd!:eek::emlaugh: Hold up damnnnnnnnnnnn they bombed the Pentagon!:redhot: ohhhhh nooo I dont wanna go to class cuz I think there will be more to come! mannn someone is not playin with us today! this is shockin yall!!!! I guess its time to get to bombing some lil country:uzi:
Pentagon Hit!

An Associated Press reporter saw the tail-end of a large
airliner plunge into the building. He says smoke is billowing out
of the Pentagon.
Originally posted by J-State Tiger
Retribution needs to come in a hurry.

yeah JST.....but against who? TERRORIST are unseen foes. Every little punk terrorist wannabee is gonna try and take credit for this act. Do we attack blindly? One CANNOT make decisions that will affect an entire country based on EMOTIONS.

(especially dealing with NUCLEAR WAR.)