The New York World Trade Center Bombeb!

I remember back in the 80's Reagan killed Kadafi's daughter in a bombing raid, that woke his ass up.... we need to start hitting everywhere we think they could be....

This has gotten very serious... they are talking about a low flying plane over the white house...

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I cant believe that that twin tower fell. That is just a huge building. I just want somebody to pay. We need to kill 1000 of them for every american that so much as recieved a scratch.:redhot: :redhot:
What's the status at the Pentagon ???

Did a plane hit the Pentagon also ???

Man, I bet you there are some Green Beret/Special Forces type cats in the air right now.........

At this point of the day there are over 1,000 people in that part of WTC alone (not to mention the people on the plane -- was heading from Boston to LA). The people on the streets (the NYSE is a few blocks away)? The is a well-synchronized effort. I wonder if the 9;:00 am time has any significance with the report coming from Chicago a few minutes ago (Cenral std time). The west coast it is still 7:00am. This shi* is real, all airports in country are closed. Lower Manhattan is not even a hop away. My co-worker's brother-in-law worked in the WTC. He is on pins and needles as one can imagine.
LORD Help US...

:bawling: I just found out that two of my friends where at the World Trade Center today.

We have not heard anything else. We are waiting to see if they are allright...

Please pray for them.
They are now saying the pentagon was hit by an airplane... another plane was seen flying erratically over the white house and Capitol area, and it then left the area.
One of my friend's brothers was in a plane in NY readying to land when they saw the crash from the window...they were re-routed to Allentown, PA
Straight out of a Bruce Willis movie

I think we are at war people:



REPORTERS say people were desperately leaping to their death's from the buildings attempting save themselves.

This is horrible!!!!!!! On top of that.....another plane attacks the pentagon.

The emergency workers are attempting to survive themselves. (who can save the survivors when the emergency personel are fighting for their OWN lives???) this is pure CHAOS!!!!

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World War III?

But whomever or whatever is responsible for this is gonna be dealt with, and Bush and Congress don't need to act like some punks about it....just declare war and handle the situation swiftly. It's like folks in these other countries have no idea just how fast and just how completely they can be taken out by U.S. military, if we really wanted to....
As a man,I openly wept when I saw the video of the devestation of the WTC atttacks.What an unnecessary and tragic loss of life but what angered me the most was that the NFL,MLB and the NCAA all postponed their upcoming events but the casino boats in Lake Charles ,LA were going business as usual!!!It kinda makes you think about how uncaring some people are! The entire nation should have paused for at least a moment of remorse. I hope that anyone who was directly or indirectly affected by this tragedy will find comfort in God's Holy Spirit!!
Man, I don't know who repulled this, but it brought back some emotions. I don't dwell on it, because I refuse to allow negative to dictate to me. I can't tell you how many emotions rise and did arise from this-anger, fear, compasion, sadness, love, helplessness, etc...

I didn't want to rehash these memories, but I appreciate it. It help me remember just how it happened, how I heard about it, and how I was reacting.

May God bless this country and all of the families that were impacted.

Yeah ZN.... I remember that this was The day that I was the maddest that I have ever been. I can see how mad I was in the tone of my posts. I remember just screaming and screaming when I heard the Pentagon had got hit. :(
Yes, this day does indeed bring back horrible memories, but I am so glad through all these horrible acts, God was, and still is interceding. God was there that day saving souls and lives, God was there pleading with the terrorist not to use his name in vain. And as I reflect back over the past year and think about how good God is, I cannot help but to praise him like a woman out of control. We are truly a blessed people. God has always "BLESSED AMERICA!"
Reading this thread today makes me realize how messed up in the head I must have been. Not only is there NO response from me on this thread (even though I was home and spent most of the day in front of the TV, on the computer, and on the phone), I don't even remember EVER seeing this thread before.

I have to say, people, that this TSPN family has been, for the most part, BLESSED in MANY ways this year.
I still cant get over the feeling of helplessness and utter disbelief as those towers fell. All the chaos and loss of life right before our very eyes. :(

It still seems so unbelievable.
It's now time to move on

I'm just glad to see that all of us have made it through yet, another year.

PEACE & Blessings to us all