2022 Jackson State Football Schedule

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SMH, 2 conference foes as OOC games and Lane College.....


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Honestly, all of these games will likely have high attendance, except maybe the Texas Southern and Bethune Cookman match ups.


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I think the schedule is fine. We always play a small college. Lane college needs exposure just like the other schools. I am happy that we did not schedule a predominately white university. We don't have anything to prove to anyone. We need to protect our athletes and keep them healthy. All the other SWAC schools can play whomever they want, and so is JSU.


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So besides the 2 conference opponents being OOC games, (one of which is a money game and the other potentially being 45k+ attendance at home) what’s the issue? Unless y’all believe y’all’s teams are trash like the schools 😂


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Wish we could’ve had ULM as the 3rd game this season instead of 2023.

Everyone already knew UAPB & GRAM were OOC games. Swac classic announcement told us that and we knew that would replace the SHC (so no TNSU for ooc) and GRAM released their schedule and showed us that OOC game.

Just didn’t know what the 3rd would be. We knew it wouldn’t be a “slutted out” money game.

Happy Black History Month 😂 That’s one Black Ass Schedule! No YT’s allowed in 2022


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If they are playing Alabama A&M at Ladd Stadium. I could easily see 45,000 in Mobile, Alabama. I hope, South Alabama doesn't have a home game on that weekend.
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