Willey College baseball

One day after Wiley set a school record with 30 runs in a game against Texas College, the Wildcats outdid themselves in the second game of their series defeating the Steers 34-2 on Saturday completing the sweep.

Wiley’s win marked the first time since 2019 that it has won a series against a Red River Athletic Conference opponent.

On Friday, Wiley outscored the Texas College 30-0 in five innings setting a new school record for runs scored in a game.

Prior to the second game of their three-game series, they continued their meeting from the previous day to comply with NAIA requirement of seven innings adding a run to their total going on to win 31-1.

The Wildcats set a number of program records against the Steers Friday. In addition to setting a new mark for runs in a game, they also set one for runs scored in a single inning, with 16 runs in the fourth.

Outfielder Jacob Perez set a new individual record with six runs in the game.

In Saturday’s game, the Wildcats surpassed the runs scored, tallying 32 runs through just four innings.

An astonishing 15 different players recorded a hit for the Wildcats, including eight who totaled at least two hits.

Wiley nearly unseated their mark for runs in an inning scoring 14 runs in the third, including home runs from outfielder Jaylon Burrell and Marquis Kuykendall, respectively.

Prior to these two games, Wiley had only scored more than 10 runs in one game scoring 15 in a loss to Rust College.



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