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Deion Sanders wants to reach out to Bob Bowlsby.

The second-year Jackson State head coach hasn’t been shy about pronouncing aspirations for his team, individual players, and even HBCU football in the 10 months he’s functioned at the collegiate level.

Sanders recently used his Twitter platform to suggest that Jackson State could fill the gaping void in the Big 12 with the official departures of Oklahoma and Texas to the SEC.

The Big 12 will assuredly be exploring all options to replace the Sooners and Longhorns in due time. Could Jackson State get an invite from the Big 12 commissioner? It’s unlikely but a possible conversation between Sanders and Bowlsby would be intriguing.

While Jackson State joining the Big 12, or any other Power Five conference in the present or future seems remote, it isn’t the first time Sanders has spoken (or tweeted) candidly.

In December, Sanders tweeted that Jackson State would be an ideal replacement for teams that chose to opt out of FBS bowl games because of coronavirus concerns.

Throughout the shortened spring season, Sanders pushed for mainstream college football stakeholders to elevate Black college football on national platforms.

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He also made waves in April lamenting on social media that “qualified” HBCU football players were not selected in the 2021 NFL Draft.


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Sanders’ latest tweet certainly isn’t going to be taken seriously by most, but the action continues to signify his staunch desire to influence substantive change in how HBCU football is perceived and valued.

And it also says something about Sanders’ belief that the program under his watch can be on a pathway beyond the confines of the SWAC.

Will JSU to the Big 12 be a thing?

Deion Sanders certainly is going to plant the seed.


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