Kenn Rashad of HBCU Sports addresses a social media post published by Jackson State head football coach Deion Sanders who expressed his disappointment about HBCU athletes not getting drafted in the 2021 NFL Draft.


  1. Phi,

    I’m no Dion sycophant, but it is obvious that he was referencing the skill and talent level of the players. It appears to me that Dion Sanders is attempting to raise the profile of HBCU’s so that more of the players get noticed and scouted by NFL teams.

    Although his words are imprecise, you seem to be leveling far too much criticism on a person/personality that do more good than bad with getting HBCU players noticed.

    Although I too believe that Dion was not ready for a head coaching opportunity, you shouldn’t be mad/irritated at him because he received the opportunity. That is on J State’s leaders. Would you turn down a promotion to a position that is above your current station in life or career?

    You have to your job and critique him on his role as the JSU head coach, however your words and tone seemed to be laced with personal indignations regarding the JSU head coach.

    • Excellent point! they are very myopic when he speaks with out looking at the big picture! Always looking for a gotcha moment. But haters will do what they do.

    • I totally agree with your assessment. However, Coach Prime must be clear on what he states since he knows there are some that are waiting to misconstrue what he says.

    • I agree with your comments hole hardely. This person is a complete idiot and never should have open his mouth. He is virtually a nobody who is trying to stir up mess. We are so busy trying to down someone that we cant see the forest for the trees. Coach has done a lot of good for HBCUs since he got to JSU. His primary tasks is JSU,not any one else.
      He could have just focused on that but he didn’t. He is trying to help everyone by what he does at JSU.
      I hate people who try to exploit that for a “I got you moment”. The simple fact is you dont have that moment and really should just shut up. People like him is the reason why we cant get where we want to go. What was the point??? We all read the article and took different things from it. There are some players that have the skill set and the talent to be in the NFL. But there are others that didnt get the opportunity and should have. This is what he saying. I dont recall his mentioning spring at all.
      I didnt appreciate this guy’s take at all.

  2. You sound exactly like the Black men Deon is referring to as if Black young men have been drafted from HBCU often. Hater!

  3. Thanks for your honest video and calling Dion out on facts… So tired of misinformation ramping up more racial bias… There’s already more than enough of that to go around without celeb athletes stirring the pot further with erroneous 411…

    • This was nothing but a bunch of bull. Dont praise this nut for this bs. This is the first time we have had spring football because of a pandemic. So disingenuous and negative, and uncalled for. He is a butthole for this hitjob.

  4. There were players from other HBCUS who didn’t have play this spring who had players who weren’t considered for the draft. This guy is so lead by his jealousy for Deion, that he neglected speak to that fact. This was all just a hit piece against Coach Prime on his petty ass platform.

  5. Man you need to stop the bullcrap, find something positive to talk about in HBCU Sports! This man hasn’t done anything but trying to change the culture and you guys are acting just like Donald Trump, IAF! How much do you give to the HBCU’s other than trying to make a dime off of them to promote your self-invested interest with HBCU Sports? Some Black folks can’t stand for someone to take the spotlight away from them, just be happy that someone is advocating for HBCU’s sports who’s has a voice that carries some weight! Because yours sure as hell haven’t elevated the culture to the point where your thoughts even count!

  6. This dude here is so pathetic!! What an idiot! This has been a year of changes due to the pandemic, and this is the first time we have had to have “spring” football. He is so disingenuous, and hateful. Shame on you!

  7. It seems to me that coach Prime is using his platform to bring positive attention to HBCU Athletics. Come on guys we have been kicked in the groin long enough. Let’s get on board. Positive positive positive!!!

  8. Precision is great, but sometimes merely a footnote. A football coach is not required to be a scholar, but to bring positive attention to the school via the football program. This is actually an HBCU matter, not merely a JSU concern. The average individual is not aware nor might they care about the nuances that you referenced; the nation is, however, sensitive about equity for the moment, and Sanders is an influencer. The broad intent is to provide HBCU students and graduates the opportunity to demonstrate their talents after their college days, whether via athletics, entertainment, the arts, business, medicine, etc. My question: is the concern to advance opportunities for our athletes or to unseat Sanders?


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