NORFOLK, Va., – Registration for the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) Esports League, in conjunction with Blaze Fire Games, is open today. As schools continue to evaluate the conditions attributed to COVID-19, the MEAC Esports League will allow for students, alumni and prospects to stay connected and engaged through online gaming competition.

Registration is $40 and will cover all of fall 2020 (July 20-Dec. 20) for the MEAC Esports League. The first eseries will run from Aug. 10-Sept. 14, with players able to participate in competitions for such games as NBA2K19, FIFA 20, Madden NFL, Rocket League and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Registration for the MEAC Esports League includes access to all five games, with players able to select up to three games concurrently.

The online nature of esports will allow for players to engage with one another safely from their own homes until all universities return to normal campus activity, at which point the esports program will include on-campus components.

In order to facilitate the online competition, the MEAC and Blaze Fire Games have selected GYO Score as their technology and league management platform partner. Through GYO Score, students will be able to participate in regularly-scheduled matches and directly challenge each other in ladder-style competitions that will promote a fun and competitive atmosphere.

Blaze Fire Games is a licensed digital content provider that taps into a variety of creative talent and skills across the globe. The company aims to connect a diverse group of participants by introducing them to a career path where they will learn to compete in a gaming environment.

Courtesy: MEAC



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