Facing each other for the first time since 2012, Florida A&M and Southern renewed a rivalry Saturday night that marked the 61st meeting between the two institutions.

Before a record crowd of 27,191 fans, the Rattlers won the football game over the Jaguars 27-21.

But we all know, when it comes to events like this one, there is more on the line than wins and losses regarding the football teams.

The bands matter. The halftime show matters.

And we were able to witness a halftime show that featured two of the most iconic HBCU marching bands in the nations.

Which band won the halftime show, Southern or Florida A&M?

We’ve posted videos of each halftime performance. Watch the shows and then cast your vote in our poll below.


Florida A&M

This poll will close Wednesday (Sept. 25) at 11:59 p.m.


  1. SU vs FAMU— The Human Jukebox won the battle of the bands long before halftime!! SU was louder and had more swag than the rattlers could blow… many bodies but no wind!!! You could not hear them. The Jukebox even gave them a one note training exercise ??

    • The “100” and not even close. From the unique and different field entrance to the always outstanding musical selection.
      The on-field drill, the harmonious sound with tone, balance and clarity all favor FAMU.
      SU has become BCU. The same show routines. Play loud without balance and tone.

    • OBVIOUSLY millie didn’t even go to the game. su can’t even jam without putting their instruments down. Half of su dances with instruments on the ground while the other half plays music??? LMAO. NO SHOWMANSHIP. And the “white dudes dancing” act was weak 20 years ago and weaker now…

  2. I marched at Tenn. St in the 70s and the band I feared the most was The Human Jukebox Southern University and the glamorous Dancing Dolls. They were and are the standard of excellence. Now FAMU. I marched against them my crab year in 77 and they had 315 marching but some had no instruments some had no mouthpieces and some were high school seniors and other entities making them 315. But I still have much love and respect for the program they have built. Now who won the halftime battle. I have to give the edge to FAMU. It came down to dance routine and there announcer. And it was very close.

  3. The Human Juke Box according to USA Today.The best marching band in World and I agree. Southern has always had a superior precision Drill show. I, myself play in the HJB as a snare drummer with some of the best percussionist in the HBCU/SWAC. Mr.Don Dillon percussion. Instructor.Simply put was the best ever.

  4. I am sorry to all you SU fans but not this day. FAMU had the superior sound, musicality and marching on this day. Both are great bands. Also, FAMU has the classiest announcer whose announcing never detracts from the band itself.


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