As we all anxiously await the official kickoff of the college football season just a little over a month from now, we have no other option than to ingest the tidbits of information coming in from various sources regarding preseason predictions and all-conference honors.

Additionally, HBCU marching bands are another critical element to the HBCU football experience that requires just as much attention as the gridiron teams they support.

It’s summertime. That means high school band camps are in full effect on college campuses, all done with the intent of trying to lure potential recruits into their respective programs. Just like the football camps.

We’ve said it before. We’ll repeat it again. HBCU marching band is a sport. And at HBCU Sports, we like to treat it as such.

So as we continue to countdown the first day of kickoff, we’ve managed to come across some pretty cool HBCU high school band camp performances.

Alabama State


Florida A&M


Jackson State


Texas Southern


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