A student at Prairie View is receiving backlash after using Snapchat to post a selfie in blackface.

The student, who has been identified as as Brooke Merino, appeared to being wearing a homemade black mask with the caption, “When you just tryna fit in at my HBCU.”


The University confirmed Merino as the student and she is expected to meet with the school’s Office Of Student Conduct.

Merino, a member of the school’s soccer team, is the latest college student who has come under fire for using social media to post racially insensitive photos depicting themselves in blackface.


  1. It’s stunning how people not only waste opportunities to learn, engage and better understand, but explicitly act in ways that divide. I would hope that any student who chose to attend an HBCU, presumably sought a unique HBCU experience coming out of high school, and represented the school as an athlete, would treat that opportunity with the reverence it deserves.


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