Here’s how the voting process will work:

First round voting: Jan. 12-14
Of the 15 bands listed, voters (via our online polling system) will be asked to choose the band they think should be HBCU Sports Band of the Year. This round of voting will last for three days and will terminate at 11:59 p.m. (CT) on Thursday, Jan. 14.

The four bands that receive the most votes at the end of voting will advance to the final four round. The remaining bands will be eliminated.  Click here to view the complete rules and dates for future rounds.

Disclaimer: This poll is not scientific. You are encouraged to come back and vote often. However, please note that the poll will view rapid-fire voting coming from a single IP address as an attack and will trigger a timeout. In this case, your vote will not be counted.  Poll results reflect only the views of the readers who choose to participate and not the public as a whole.


  1. A & T Marching Blue & Gold Marching Machine has Won every Battles of Bands they has entered in Year 2015 !!! ( HenryB )

  2. The N.C. A & T Blue and Gold Marching Machine is simply outstanding and has won every battle of the bands. The drum line Cold Steel is the truth!

  3. Wait waaaaait lol. Why would yall STEAL HBCU Buzz’s poll though ? Man we should be supporting brands, not stealing and taking away from them. This is very tasteless. “Kenn Rashad” DO BETTER bro

  4. HBCU BUZZ DOES THE POLLS ! why would you try to do the same thing ? ITs not even genuine smh !!!!!!!!!!!!! HBCU BUZZ HBCU BUZZ HBCU BUZZ

  5. I don’t know about the poll but I know which band they call when there is a major event – the “World Famed” Grambling State University Marching Band from Tiger Land.

  6. When will you going to have a Real band poll. I have no conference in any poll that isn’t objective and control by impartial people. I have friends who will vote for there school even if they don’t believe there school is best.


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