Brian Jenkins has been through a lot in recent months after the sudden change from Bethune-Cookman to Alabama State.

There were the allegations of nefarious behavior at BCU. The same during his short tenure at ASU.

That paled in comparison to the revelation that he was seriously injured in a recent accident.

At SWAC Media Day, Jenkins told the assembled press that he was struck by an RV while sitting on his motorcycle along a Fayetteville, North Carolina road.

The coach was hospitalized for two days receiving treatment, he said.

But before medics arrived, Jenkins, on the brink of starting his first season at ASU, thought he wasn’t going to survive while laying injured on that road.

“As I laid there in the road, I thought I was dead,” Jenkins told the Montgomery Advertiser. “The grace of God kept me alive.”

The motorcycle, Jenkins said, was “split in two.”

Jenkins told the newspaper that he confronted the very real possibility of death that day even though he only sustained non life-threatening injuries.

That realization, he says, has given him a whole new outlook on life and football.

“That could have been me,” Jenkins said.”


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