Remember that cheesy sports romance film starring fresh-faced Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps that centered around a college basketball couple who ended up marrying each other?

Well, the real thing actually happened involving a Canadian pro basketball player recently proposing to his Johnson C. Smith girlfriend.

Alex “Superman” Johnson, who played hoops at North Carolina State, cooked up the idea of playing his girlfriend, Brey Dorsett in a game of one-on-one inspired by a scene in Love and Basketball (neither were required to remove clothing upon giving up a basket on defense).

During the game inside a gym surrounded by his teammates, Johnson falls to the ground, seemingly writhing in pain. One of Johnson’s teammates dishes out the ultimate assist by handing him the ring before he pops up like Paul Pierce and proposes to Dorsett.

“I just thought we were going to go to the gym and get a workout in and watch him coach his team,” Dorsett said.

A video of the proposal has been viewed more than nearly 3 million times since being posted on YouTube.

Watch the video below


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