By Robert L. Williams Jr.
Guest Contributor

Cue up the Phil Collins and fire up the grills; you know what’s in the air?

It’s time for some college football!

There is nothing like that feeling of walking into an electric stadium of fans going wild, and bands belting your favorite popular tunes. Whether it’s in the Delta at Rice-Totten Stadium, or on the Bluff at A.W. Mumford, this weekend will play host to what so many fans have been clamoring for since the end of last season.

The time is over for the various media days and the grind of fall camp. Each team will embark on a journey starting Saturday that will begin to separate the pretenders from contenders.

I haven’t even mentioned the battle in the stands with some of the best bands in the land yet. You can’t beat the passion, pageantry, and tradition of HBCU football.

As you all make your way to the games of your choosing, cheer loud and embrace the moment, because after all HBCU FOOTBALL IS BACK!


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