The annual kickoff to the SWAC athletic season – this year’s media gathering will feature all 10 head coaches and selected student-athletes in an online video stream.

SWAC Football Media Day will stream live on the SWAC Digital Network beginning at 10:00 a.m. on swac.org. SDN will also include a live audio link slated to broadcast 10:35 a.m.

The SWAC will announce the 2013 All-SWAC preseason teams and predicted order of finish during the occasion as well as the conference television and stream broadcast schedule.

2013 All-SWAC Preseason Football Team (Announced at 10:15 a.m.)

Below are the times the coaches and student-athletes will be available for interviews. Each group will rotate between the 1-on-1 / Table Interview area, Sound Bite – TV standup area, Audio Drops, SWAC Digital Network and SDN Online Radio. Each area is indicated by signage.

2013 SWAC Football Media Day Schedule
Head Coach SDN Radio SDN Set Audio Stand Ups Table
Anthony Jones (AAMU)  12:05  12:20  12:35  10:35  11:10
Reggie Barlow (ALST)  11:20  1:10  11:55  10:35  12:50
Jay Hopson (ALCN)  12:20  12:35  10:35  10:50  12:05
Doug Williams (GRAM) 11:30 11:45 12:05 12:20 10:35
Rick Comegy (JKST)  11:40  11:55  12:20  10:35  11:25
Karl Morgan (MVSU)  10:35  10:55  11:15  11:30  12:20
Heishma Northen (PVAM)  11:10  11:25  11:45  10:35  12:35
Dawson Odums (SUBR)  12:50  11:10  11:30  10:35  11:50
Darrell Asberry (TXSO)  12:35  10:35  10:55  11:10  1:05
Monte Coleman (UAPB)  1:05  12:05  12:45  10:35  1:20

Media Credentials
Credentials will be available for pick up on July 15 at 8:15 a.m. prior to the start of media day. Members of the media without a credential issued by the SWAC will not be allowed to attend.

Photo Opportunities
We are asking for camera crews to arrive for this portion by 9:00 a.m. for the ops and stage session.

Stage Session
The session will begin immediately after the photo ops with an introduction and welcome, preseason team, and predicted order of finish announcements.

It will also include the viewing of the SWAC general and championship PSAs. This portion is not open to questions from the media on the floor.

Table Interviews
With the conclusion of the stage session, six coaches with student-athletes will immediately report to their respective tables in Birmingham III & IV to hold one-on-one / print / table interviews. Video stand ups and sound-bite interviews are not permitted at the table.

Sound Bites / Stand Ups
All soundbites and stand ups from camera crews must be performed in Birmingham V in front of the SWAC or school backdrops. Camera crews can gather footage and B-roll at the tables, but conduct all one-on-one stand-up interviews in front of the back-drops during your scheduled sound-bite slots.

However, if a crew wants a sound bite early during the table interviews, please notify a SWAC administrator before using the non-scheduled time slot. Please use time limit listed. Both student-athletes will accompany coaches for this segment. Lighting will not be provided in the room. This is a quiet area and print / internet media are not permitted.

Courtesy: SWAC.org


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