Tom Galbraith
Tom Galbraith

Tom Galbraith served as assistant commissioner for communications at the SWAC office until he was unexpectedly dismissed by commissioner Duer Sharp this past summer.

Justifiably owing nothing to anyone for the actions taken against him by Sharp, Galbraith, being the class act that he is, wanted me to share the message below addressed to all fans and supporters of the SWAC.

SWAC fans, alumni, and supporters:

I wanted to personally take a brief minute to thank you all for the great experiences and memories I will take from all 10 schools and their respective teams after spending 7-plus years in the league at both Alabama A&M and the league office.

In a career that spans many other conferences and institutions, I am continually impressed by the passion with which SWAC fans and alumni follow their teams. It is truly unmatched and to be respected.

As it is with any organization, the SWAC is not perfect, and I only hope that its fans feel that I put forth a genuine effort to help promote and move the conference forward.

I wish all the teams the very best of futures and will always hold a very special place for my time affiliated with the conference.

Thank you again.


Tom Galbraith

On behalf of all SWAC fans and members of the media, allow me to say thank you Tom for a job well done during the time you served in the SWAC. It was indeed a pleasure in getting to know you.  I wish you and your family nothing but success in your future endeavors.


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