Here are some comments from various coaches around the league during Monday’s SWAC Media Day session.

Jay Hopson – Alcorn State

On spring practice

“Our biggest issue is getting ready for the season, and it is my responsibility to get (practice) going within two months.  I’m excited to watch them (players) practice and get a good idea of where they’re at.”

Doug Williams – Grambling State

On returning to Grambling State

It was a tough situation unlike when we won (the SWAC championship) three times. I didn’t know who was on the roster until practice began.”

On the 1-4 start

“We had to worry about what we were doing. We couldn’t get caught up in who was beating beating who, who was playing who and if we won this game what would happen.”

On winning the SWAC

“Last year we savored it because nobody gave us a chance.”

On D.J. Williams

“The good thing is he’s been around the game a lot longer than most guys. We have a great understanding about (our relationship). On the field it is “Coach Williams”. At home it is “Dad.”

On Dawrence Roberts

“He came off the bench and proved to us that he had to play.  He made us not look too smart.  With a veteran offensive line coming back, hopefully we can continue to put the ball in his hands again.”

Rick Comegy – Jackson State

On season opener against Mississippi State

“We know it is going to be tough. It is going to be a great challenge. Why be in the game if you are not going to take on a challenge?”

On the quarterback situation

“We have quarterbacks who can win.  I feel good going into the season. We are not going to change the offense.”

On being able to compete for a SWAC championship

“A ring is important to (the players). A championship is important to them.”

Karl Morgan – Mississippi Valley State

On nationally televised game

“I received phone calls from former players and alumni who are very excited that Valley will be playing on TV for the first time after four or five years.”

On passion for the job

“I love my job. I love where I work… it’s been a tough experience, but a good experience.”

On team strengths

“Special teams and defense should be a strength for us.”

On 2012 opponents

“We’ve got to get better against those guys. That is what were excited about.”

On Jerry Rice

“We’re trying to get him around the program. I see him on TV a lot so I know he’s busy. We just want him to come around.”

Heishma Northern – Prairie View

On season’s prospects

“We’re a gold mine ready to be discovered”

On what it takes to have a successful season

“We have to play better against the run to help the pass defense. We need better special teams play, and we have to cut down on turnovers. The best play in football is a punt. We have a good punter and will play the field position game.”

Stump Mitchell – Southern

On 2012 expectations

“Our expectations should not change. We’re excited by the opportunity to improve.”

On Academic Progress Rate

“If (student-athletes) are not (achieving in the classroom), then I have to take them off the field.”

Darrell Asberry – Texas Southern

On team attitude

“So far guys have worked hard, in the weight room and on the field. It has been very positive.”

On team strength

I’ve been very impressed with the offensive line. They’ve got good fundamental, gotten in shape, stronger. They should be the strength of the football team. We’ll be OK.

Monte Coleman – Arkansas-Pine Bluff

On quarterback Ben Anderson

“He was very green, very young last year. Ben will be a very good quarterback for us this season. He had to mature. That is what we needed him to do.  You have to be patient. We have to be patient with him. Hopefully every year he will get better.”

Anthony Jones – Alabama A&M

On being selected to finish third in SWAC East

“We’re a little disappointed to be picked third, but that’s all drama. “The important thing is we all play each other and we get to settle it on the field.”

Reggie Barlow – Alabama State

On eight Hornets receiving All-Conference recognition

“You have to give kudos to our coaches that were able to go out and bring the players in, develop them and help them grow as players.  “They have done a good job recruiting and it is good the see the voters believe in the players we have here, but what I want to see is for our players to be on the list at the end of the season.”

On being picked to win the SWAC East

“It is good to see our program receive some respect from the voters.  “But again, I want to be at the top at the end of the season.  The games have to be played on the field and it is exciting for the players.  That vote has never turned out right as far as what they have picked us in the past, so hopefully it is right this season.”




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