For decades SWAC fans and observers have wondered everything from how much revenue the league generates, the commissioner’s salary and even the financial situation surrounding the conference football championship game.

Well, the 2011 SWAC 990 tax form gives a glimpse inside one of the great mysteries of the tight lipped organization.

Here are some of the more interesting items contained in the 29-page document.

The SWAC generated $250,000 in revenue from a “Football Tournament” in 2011. (It can be assumed that’s the SWAC Championship Game played annually in Birmingham).

Other notable figures include:

  • The SWAC generating $5.5 million revenue while spending roughly $5.3 million.
  • Commissioner Duer Sharp rakes in an estimated $200,000 annually.

Here is the breakdown of revenue for other SWAC events:

  • Basketball tournament: $172,000
  • Baseball tournament: $5,700

The rest of the report can be viewed here



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