Rick Comegy

Rick Comegy

Birmingham, Ala. – Jackson State University head football coach Rick Comegy has been suspended for one game (Saturday, November 13 vs. The University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff) and fined $1,000.00 for violating the Southwestern Athletic Conference’s sportsmanship policy following the Tigers’ game at Alabama State on Saturday, November 6th.

Coach Comegy’s comments and actions following the contest violated SWAC policy which prohibits coaches, student-athletes, and administrators from making “Inappropriate/derogatory comments to the media about officials, coaches, student-athletes and administrators (or designee).”

SWAC Commissioner Duer Sharp said, “While the Conference office understands that Coach Comegy was leaving the field after a very competitive game and that emotional outbursts sometimes occur, the Conference office cannot condone this type of behavior.  The integrity of Southwestern Athletic Conference is something we cannot compromise.”

The Southwestern Athletic Conference holds its coaches, student-athletes and administrators to the highest standards, and we expect them to conduct themselves in a way which brings credibility and professionalism to the Conference.


  1. Way to go Comegy. Take one for the team. I wish you would have done more to show up that poor officiating.

    Now what is the swac office going to do about that horrible officiating? This some bull.

    • Way to go Comegy! It need to be said! The poor officiating has gotten all of hand and it needed to be said. For the person who said it should have $10,000.00, if you had been at that game, you will have said otherwise!

    • Now you know they always go easy on Jackson State. Look at the past. It has been going on for as long as I have watch Jstate football. And yes I grew up around the corner from JSU and worked the games with JROTC.

  2. Good job coach!!!!! SO…. You mean to tell me they cheated that bad (and it was pretty damn bad) and still almost lost the game WOW!!!! just proves they are NOT as good as they think they are. What a bunch of DUMMMMMM-ASSES. Now fine that SWAC Commissioner!!!!! I’m with Comegy, “THEY F*CKING CHEATED!”

  3. I thought a person could only be punished for slander whey they say something about a person(s) that is NOT TRUE ! SWAC officials are the absolute WORST in the sport ! In last nights TxSouthern/GSUs game, an official threw a flag against GSU for having 12 men on the field(shown in TV replays) – then the flag was waved off. Also, the “out of breath’ Referee is a joke: “False start (pause) On the offense (pause) number 89 (pause) 5 yard penalty (pause) replay (pause) First down”. penalties ! penalties ! penalties ! Either the SWAC Coaches arent doing their jobs OR what Coach Comegy said is correct.

    • What up BluNGoldBlood, I to watched that game Thursday night and the penalties were relentless. LOL, you are so right about that out of breath referee, I thought it was my TV until he kept doing it. I think it’s time for him to let it go. Comegy was right by taking a stand for all SWAC coaches and letting the refs know about themselves even if it does mean getting fined and suspended. Something’s got to be done about it for all schools not just JSU. On the up and up…. “Throw yo hands up” to Texas Southern!!!!Good Job

  4. jsu lost, comegy lost

    jsu not as good as they want to be

    How can anyone try to defend this coach act after he got his butt beat. He’s mad because his team lost, not because of the refs calls

    What a discredit to jsu “Again”

    • You are so right, we are not as good as we think we are which means we have more work to do. So we are going to continue to work on our 6-3 soon to be 7-3 record and you work on your 2-7 soon to be 2-8 record.

    • If you’re a jag, you shouldn’t be concerned about JSU’s 7-3.,You say jsu lost & Comegy lost……that’s not true. The final was 32-30 AFTER the cheating on the behalf of the swac officials. Southern should be concerned about a decent a season, not JSU’s winning season
      Remind You: JSU 52 UAPB 30
      Southern 23 UAPB 41

  5. Come on Princess – Give my fellow “JAG” a break. However, anyone who doesn’t admit we have a problem (AD, Football & Basketball Coaches, Bd of Supervisors, etc.)on the Bluff is just not willing to face reality. Again, the Officials are the WORST !

  6. How can JSU coach say they cheated when he was about to get the ball back on fourth down and his player slammed the ball down to get an unsportsman like penalty and gave ASU a first with 3mins to go. Talk to your your players first. His teammate grabbed and ask dude why you slam the ball.

    • Dedicating “Winner” by Jamie Foxx featuring Justin Timberlake to all HATERS. Oh…. so nobody get it twisted cuz “you just don’t get it yet” as the song say. We’re not making any excuses for Comegy’s behavior because I TOTALLY commend his attitude and behavior. You want to be a big cat got to be able to hang with the big cats.

  7. Its not a matter of condoning comegy behavior, but as a SWAC conference we should all be concerned, I was at that game and yes it was clear that some really bad calls were called, the point Im trynna make is that the SWAC needs to have replay put into place, or some better qualified refs, thats all….. and JAg don’t get it twisted we beat the brakes off yall a$$, so maybe yall should handle yall business and get a team and then come try to get in a big cat convo..HUH????


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