Bands officially warned to adhere to SWAC gametime policies

Birmingham, Ala. – The Jackson State and Alabama State marching bands have been publicly reprimanded by the Southwestern Athletic Conference for failure to comply with league procedures and policies during SWAC football contests.

The offenses occurred during the Jackson State home game vs. Alabama A&M on Oct. 9, and the Alabama State home contest vs. Texas Southern on Oct. 2.

Conference rules state that: “once the offensive team breaks the huddle and approaches the line of scrimmage, the band shall cease playing.” By rule, both bands were asked to stop playing at these times by both the referee and the public address announcer.

SWAC rules state that: “on the 2nd offense the violating band will be reprimanded and suspended from performing during their next contest and/or fined an amount to be determined by the Commissioner. On the 3rd offense the violating band will be suspended from performing the remainder of the season. ”

“While we completely understand the importance of the bands to our total game experience, the rules of playing during the game must be adhered to in the interest of competitive balance”, SWAC Commissioner Duer Sharp said. “There are a number of opportunities for the bands to play and perform between plays, as well as, prior to the offensive team approaching the line of scrimmage. We expect all of our outstanding bands to follow these guidelines.”


  1. What about Southern? They played the majority of the time during their game against Jackson State on October 16. The officials had to stop play three times to tell them to stop. If you do it to ONE, you do it to ALL!

  2. Is this a rule only in the SWAC conference. I've been to Big 10 games and the bands play during anytime of the game. I just don't understand this rule.

  3. Stephan the bands at Big 10 games DO NOT play at anytime during the game. And I am sure you did not see this at a Big 10 game. This is a NCAA rule.

  4. I can believe this because the JSU Band would not stop playing during the TSU Hall of Fame presentation on this past Saturday during the Halftime when they knew we (TSU) were limited on time with this presentation, they were just straight rude…guess it is what they teach at Jackson State!

  5. Jackson State has that playing when they want to BADDDDDDDDD!!!!!! At the TSU games this weekend they were trying to give out Hall Of Fame ring during halftime and Jstate continued to play for about 5 minutes while they were on the field getting ready to start the ceremony… DAMNNNNNNN SHAME…. It was sad… They should be suspended because this seems to be the norm for them…

    • Man it was halftime quit cryin sheesh….any time JSU play anybody else they play while we have the ball and nobody cuts them off….So our drums can play defense and we get a penalty??? where is that right?

  6. JSU started the WHOLE MESS during Battle of the Bands when Souther was there!! They were SOOOO RUDE & played while they were on the field. They got a good ole SOUTHERN BEATDOWN at the game….It was AWESOME…
    Now EVERYBODY should act right !!!!

  7. none of this is new.. it’s just enforcement of the rules that have always been there.

    If a band came into the game to only do a halftime show, it would defeat the purpose of being at the stadium during the whole game.. just come, do your show and go home.. that’s what “they” want They don’t see it from a band heads perspective

  8. Why not allow the bands to play only if their team is on offense rather than a total ban. Really, most times the bands are more entertaining than the actual game.

  9. damn… so many JSU haters.. Gotta be yall damn SU folk… i kno yall enjoyed dat SONIC BOOM BEATDOWN! yall kno wat it is, was and always will be!

  10. Jsu hasn’t done anything EVERY other swac band has done. Every band should be held to the same standard. The same goes for southern’s ghetto band. Just because Jsu has a very popular band, don’t penalize them for doing their thing.
    The Swac office is a JOKE


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